Revitalize your Image with Cosmetic Label Application Machines


Using the right label application machine for your Cosmetic Containers can make a huge difference in the overall quality and appearance of your product. When your customers pick up a product off the shelf they want to see a clean and easy to read label that provides them with everything they need to know to make an informed purchase. Missing or torn labels can be a huge turn off when customers can't find the information they are looking for.

Wrap Around Labelers

Wrap around label application machines are some of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the cosmetic industry. Since many cosmetics come in tubes, jars or sticks the wrap around labeler allows you to use more space on the container for displaying details. In addition, it can be used to seal the top and bottom of a tube closed by wrapping the entire cap with the body of the label. This goes a long way towards keeping your products safe and presentable on the shelf while giving your whole product a pristine, finished look.

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Top and Bottom Labelers

The next most popular type of label application machines for cosmetics are top and bottom labelers. These are especially useful for labeling large jars of products or labeling compacts. Since so many cosmetics use pressed powders that lay flat in their container it is common to see a simple brand logo label on top with an expansive informational panel on the bottom. Many of these compacts also have peak-a-boo display windows to showcase the color of the product inside which requires exact placement of the labels to maintain visibility.


Labeling Cosmetic Containers? Get the free guide  Labeling Cosmetic Containers? Get the free guide