Qualities of the Best Automatic Labeling Machines


Now that you've been shopping for labeling equipment for a while, you've probably seen all the bells and whistles the industry has to offer. But what is it that makes for truly great automatic labeling machines? What is it that makes one machine stand out from so many others? We're here to tell you.

Why You Should Care

Before we can have a heartfelt conversation about what makes a machine great, we first need to understand why it matters. Frankly, it matters because your labels are the first impression that customers have of your products. You don't get a second chance at that. The impression that customers get when they first spy your product on a store shelf will instantly cause them to reach out for more information or will turn them off. You can't afford to have customers turned off by your labeling before they've ever even experienced what's inside.

On that note, greatness comes in many forms. Your labels have to look great, certainly, but they also have to be practical. If they are difficult to place, and your customers struggle with them at home, then you've missed the mark.

Identifying Greatness

So let's take a good hard look at what makes automatic labeling machines great. First is the quality of label placement. In the past, the only way to get precision placement was to hire someone with a steady hand to do all of the labeling by hand. This was slow and tedious, and even the best hand labeler would make mistakes. Today's precision labeling machines are built to run non-stop, day after day, delivering perfectly labeled products every time. They also come in many styles including both pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve varieties so you can get the perfect machine for your needs.

For Pressure Sensitive Applications

Pressure sensitive automatic labeling machines are widely popular because of their cost and efficiency. The labels themselves are inexpensive and easy to design. They do a great job of covering jars, cans and bottles of all sizes. They also happen to be the simplest form of label that you can choose for your products in most cases, allowing your machine to produce hundreds of products every hour.

For Shrink Sleeve Applications

On the other end of the spectrum is shrink sleeve labeling. These labels are typically reserved for situations that involve unusually shaped containers, or items that require a tamper-proof seal over the top. They are slightly more complex to design and may cost more. However, they offer a superior labeling experience if pressure sensitive labels will not adhere smoothly to your products.

We have designed automatic labeling machines that are capable of handling either your pressure sensitive labels or your shrink sleeve labels. Our machines have become the gold standard in the industry for quality and consistency thanks to our innovative testing and software processes.

To learn more about the full line of Pack Leader USA labeling machines, call us today or fill out the contact form on the web. We are happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions based on our years of labeling experience.

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