Pros and Cons of Wrap Around Labeling Machines

Pros and Cons of Wrap Around Labeling Machines

When considering your label and packaging needs, wrap around label machines can be an excellent option. They are superior to manual labeling because the process can be done more quickly with fewer mistakes. They also offer a more economical alternative to shrink-wrapping your products. 

This article will help introduce you to both the positives and the negatives of wrap around label machines so that you can make the right choice for your business. 


They cost less money than common alternatives.

Using a wrap around label machine can save you money because wrap labels use fewer materials than shrink sleeves, which means they’re less expensive to produce. Furthermore, these labels weigh less, which can positively impact your shipping rates as well. If you have been manually applying labels, it is also cheaper to use a machine, because they can place labels more quickly. 

They’re more efficient. 

Wrap around labels are applied with a simpler process than shrink sleeves. Furthermore, wrap around label machines are able to work with more speed than a worker that is placing labels manually. 

They’re more eco-friendly than shrink wrap.

Shrink sleeves must be removed in order for a product to be recycled. However, wrap around labels can be made from recyclable materials. This means not only is there an environmental benefit to being able to recycle the label itself, but it makes it easier (and therefore more likely) for the product to be recycled, as there is not an extra step for the consumer to take.

They’re classic.

This may not be a pro for every product, but in certain industries having a traditional label will be beneficial to your sales and marketing. Customers are familiar with the texture and look of a wrap around label, so it may be important that you use this type of label in order to keep your packaging consistent with your branding. 

They allow for greater accuracy. 

Wrap around label machines are able to place labels consistently in the correct spot because they are not prone to human error. Manually placing labels becomes more expensive, because it is slower and less accurate, and any time a label is incorrectly placed, the process will have to be repeated.


They are more likely to rip.

Wrap labels are less durable than shrink sleeves because the latter is going to encompass the whole exterior of the product, which helps them to withstand time and being shuffled around in transit. So wrap labels are more likely to become ripped or torn, or even be pulled off entirely. 

They use adhesive. 

Using a wrap around label machine means that the labels will be secured with adhesive, which can cause a couple of several issues. For instance, the adhesive might stop sticking, and then the label could fall off entirely — which is unlikely to happen with a shrink sleeve. Furthermore, if labels need to be removed for any reason, the adhesive will leave a residue. 

They offer less creative freedom. 

Wrap around labels are more traditional, which can be a plus with certain products. However, this can also mean they blend in where a shrink sleeve might stand out. Furthermore, if your branding doesn’t rely on a classic, simple, or old-fashioned persona, then the possibility of shrink sleeves may be more beneficial to you. Using shrink sleeves means that you can cover the entire container with an intriguing graphic that catches the customer’s eye right away, which can be harder to do with the limited surface area that a wrap around label offers. 

They aren’t as versatile. 

Wrap around labels only work with containers of certain shapes. Alternatively, shrink sleeves may be able to be used on products that have strange curves or dimensions, which makes them more universally applicable. 

Choosing the Right Labeling Machine

Knowing what kind of labeling machine to use for your products can be confusing and overwhelming. While you see the pros and cons of the wrap around machines laid out here, is this really the best option? Or is there another type of machine that could better serve your business?

We created this free guide to help you make the best and most informed decision on the right labeling machine for your company.

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