Professional Product Labelers Just for You


As you begin shopping for labeling equipment for your cosmetics, fresh foods or other items, you probably want to know: what makes one product labeler better than all the other product labelers on the market? What does it mean to have a "professional" labeler as opposed to any other labeling machine out there? Here's a look at what professional quality equipment means for you.

What Makes it Professional

There are plenty of inexpensive hand labelers out there, but professional level equipment comes with a number of added benefits. First and foremost, the labeling machine you are getting is made using the highest quality standards in the industry to ensure that you get a uniform, beautiful label every time. These labelers come with the support of a full-service team here to help you keep your machine up and running at the level that you need. Finally, professional quality machines are designed to boost your productivity at every turn, not just supplement your operations.

Types of Professional Product Labelers

Professional product labelers are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, you can choose the style of machine that is best suited to the type of products you are labeling. For instance:

  • Top Labelers - A labeler that applies labels only on top of your package. These are most often used for flat food packages or boxes where the label head can apply downward pressure evenly to adhere the label.
  • Top/Bottom Labeler - A convenient design that combines two product labelers into one motion. With this machine, you can put an outward facing label on top of your product, and additional information on the bottom without having to run your product through two different machines. This is a streamlined, efficient method that will boost your productivity significantly, especially if you've been using a hand labeler to handle both sides.
  • Wrap Labeler - Used for labeling bottles, cans and jars, these machines swiftly twirl a label around the sides of your product and make sure that the ends are tightly secured so you'll never lose a label along the way.
  • Shrink Sleeve Labeler - A labeling machine that uses heat to apply a label that covers all or a portion of your container. Instead of using a traditional adhesive, your container is placed inside of the label, and the oven causes the label to constrict around the container. Shrink sleeves are highly durable and water resistant, and are often used when a tamper-evident seal is needed.

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All of these machines can be further customized to fit the exact size and speed of your operations. This gives you greater flexibility than a standard hand labeler when it comes to fitting labels to your products precisely. It also guarantees that you are able to get the best label application no matter what size or style of container you choose to use.

To learn more about customized, versatile product labelers from Pack Leader USA, contact us today and schedule your first machine consultation. We are happy any questions about professional labeling machines and why these machines are the ticket to a more productive business.

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