Pro Labeling Tips for Private Label Cosmetics

Pro Labeling Tips for Private Label Cosmetics

Your fantastic product is only half-finished without an equally fantastic label.

Whether you’re a manufacturer of private label cosmetics or a retailer looking to design spectacular packaging to market these products, it’s important to have a solid plan for your endgame. That means making sure that every cosmetic label is executed to meet your high standards, whether you label in-house or outsource. 

You can develop and produce an amazing product and design a show-stopping cosmetics label, but the customer may stop short of purchasing if the label is crooked, peeling, fading, or showing other quality issues. Another factor that may impact buyer’s decisions is whether your label provides the information they need. This helps to solidify their trust in your private label cosmetics company and your products.

Here are eight quick labeling to-dos that can take your private label cosmetics packaging from plain-Jane to ultra-alluring.

Differentiate Your Product

With private label cosmetics, go the extra mile to make your product exclusive with a unique logo, name, and brand identity. This is your opportunity to tailor the cosmetic to meet a niche market, so make sure that the label communicates what makes your product special.

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Research Trends

Stay on top of current cosmetics industry trends, gather inspiration from popular cosmetics companies, research similar private label cosmetics then determine what works or doesn’t work. 

Examples of current cosmetics industry trends


Visit stores and browse online to see which cosmetics trends and label designs catch your attention or project a vibe that’s similar to the look you’re hoping to achieve. Would your customers prefer a subdued minimalist approach, nature-inspired, or youthfully vibrant? The goal isn’t to copy this look, but to gather ideas then harmoniously blend them for a brand new result.

Design Wisely

It typically takes about seven seconds for buyers to decide whether they want to purchase your product. That means your private label cosmetics packaging needs to catch their attention and connect with them instantly. Begin by getting to know your target market, then use the right colors and graphics to attract those buyers to your cosmetics. 

It typically takes about seven seconds for buyers to decide whether they want to purchase your product

Pro tip: Follow the basic principles of visual hierarchy to really make those first seven seconds count.

Be Informative

As the demand for natural and organic private label cosmetics continues to increase, it’s important to highlight these features on your label, both through visual callouts and informative text. Today’s cosmetics customers care deeply about the environment and healthy living. They want simple, clean products that offer process and ingredient transparency, so it’s important to clearly and legibly make this information available on your label.

Stay Compliant

Beyond ensuring that your label is legible, make certain that it’s FDA compliant and clearly communicates quality and safety to your customers. A tamper-evident seal will not only protect users but will also protect the product from being sampled or damaged prior to purchase.

Use Quality Materials

Just as you carefully chose your private label cosmetics ingredients, you’ll want to thoughtfully select your labeling materials, styles, and techniques as well. Consider the texture, finish, and durability of the label and make sure you choose one that offers smudge-free results backed by a quality adhesive.

Think ahead and consider the rigors that your private label cosmetics will go through. For instance, if they may come in contact with water, you might want to choose a waterproof label. You want your label to look great on the shelf and continue to hold up, even as it gets jostled around in your customer’s cosmetics bag. Repeat purchasing and brand reputation can hinge on a cosmetic’s overall quality and longevity. This includes the label.

Ensure Consistency & Efficiency

Once your cosmetics label is designed just the way you want it, you’re good-to-go, right? Not necessarily. Here’s where some smaller manufacturing and private label cosmetic companies sometimes go wrong, making this your opportunity to shine.

Rather than hand labeling products with inconsistent and haphazard results, it pays to invest in an automatic labeling machine that’s flexible enough to work well for multiple products — which is especially important in the cosmetics industry. For extra efficiency in your production line, you might even look into filling and capping equipment. Automated machinery vastly increases productivity and consistency.

You’ll find labeling options available to accommodate nearly any size, shape, or style of cosmetics container. Pressure-sensitive labelers work well on cosmetics on bottles, jars, tubes, compacts, and pencils. Even products as small as 0.3” can be delicately labeled by a specialized wrap-around labeling system.

Ask the Experts

There’s a time to roll up your sleeves and DIY, and there’s a time to call in the pros. Experts in graphic design and marketing can help you design a beautiful, effective, and compliant label. And a labeling machine manufacturer and seller, like Pack Leader USA, can help you identify and customize the best labeling machinery to meet your private label cosmetic needs.

To get more cosmetics labeling tips and learn specific information about types of labels and labeling machines, download our Guide to Labeling Cosmetic Containers today, then contact us for a free equipment consultation.

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