Pressure Sensitive Label Not Sticking? How to Source Better Labels


If your pressure sensitive labels are peeling up and you're experiencing a significant amount of waste, you may be wondering what to do next. First, you must determine whether or not is the labels themselves that are the problem, or the application process. So many variables can impact the final results of your labeling operation, it's important to know that you are getting quality labels from a reliable source.

Troubleshooting Your Labels

Poorly adhered labels can be caused by three main factors. First of all, the adhesive itself could be bad. Poor quality adhesive is often indicated by uneven coverage on the pressure sensitive label reel either with missing pockets or simply too little adhesive present. You can inspect your labels under a bright light to see whether or not there is adequate adhesive when they arrive.

Secondly, temperature changes during transit and application could be at fault. For instance, if your labels get too hot during transit it is possible that the overheating could reduce the adhesion of the label once it reaches you. This drastically reduces the effectiveness of your labels.

Finally, it is possible that your labels are not being applied with enough pressure to ensure adhesion. This is the easiest to test for, and you can make a few small adjustments on your machine to see if you can get better results. If not, heat and adhesive quality are likely the culprits.

Finding a Great Label Supplier

Once you've adjusted your machine to the proper pressure and traced the problem back to the labels themselves, it's time to think about where you place your pressure sensitive label orders. Most pressure sensitive label printers have full scale quality control measures in place to detect problems with adhesive application and potential signs of heat damage. You should also look for label manufacturers that have a strong track record for quality applications with few complaints of labels falling off. Some label companies offer to expedite shipping from their location to yours so that your labels spend minimal time exposed to the elements and can be at your door before they ever get a chance to get hot in the back of a truck. They should use high quality materials that can withstand the pressure of the application process without losing their ability to stick properly to your products.

Taking the time to source your pressure sensitive label products from a reliable manufacturer can save you tons of money in wasted product and re-running production. Take the time to quickly inspect all incoming labels to ensure that they meet your standards for adhesion, and notify your manufacturer if you see signs of heat or other damage to the reel that may prevent proper application. Have questions about quality labels? Let's talk today!

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