Pharmaceutical Labels Costing You Money?


Pharmaceutical labels are some of the most costly and important pieces of any pharmaceutical operation. They are subject to many laws and regulations from the text to the label placement, and failure to comply with these regulations can be even more costly than reprinting and replacing labels along the way. That's why you need to get them done right the first time.

Cost of Reprinting

In a perfect world your pharmaceutical labels would be printed correctly the first time, and you would never have to worry about changing regulations that come with new rules for ingredient lists, label placement and other minute details. Unfortunately, many companies are faced with the reality of reprinting labels due to errors that were missed before the rolls were run. Depending on how many labels you ordered at one time, this can be a significant expense that sets back an entire project. Not only will it cost more in materials, but it could mean missed deadlines and failure to ship products on time.

Cost of Relabeling

Relabeling can happen for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is misalignment of the label on the container caused by a poorly calibrated machine, or inconsistent hand labeling. Again, federal regulations state guidelines for label placement compliance, but label placement can also have a big impact on the image that your products present on the shelf. Relabeling requires a significant amount of labor and excess materials, which can put your production line upside down.

Cost of Operating

Beyond the costs of reprinting labels and relabeling products when there is a problem, what is the cost of actually applying the correct labels on a day to day basis? If you are using a hand labeler or a low capacity labeling machine, you may be shocked to see how much money you are losing on your pharmaceutical labels even when everything is working correctly. Slow machines that jam repeatedly or require regular maintenance could be setting you back, and hand labeling could be eating up your available labor while other important tasks get pushed to the back burner. A newer, more efficient machine could free up your team to focus on other things while multiplying your output overnight.

Pharmaceutical labels don't have to be the most costly part of your packaging line. Instead, with the right equipment you can turn your attention to making sure that your labels meet guidelines and quality control. No more wasted time waiting for reprinted labels to arrive and relabeling product that should have been out the door already.

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