Pharmaceutical Label Applicator with Expiration Dates


The pharmaceutical industry falls under a heap of specific regulations designed to keep consumers safe. Many of these regulations apply to the labeling and packaging of pharmaceutical products. In order to stay ahead of all these regulations, it's important to have a pharmaceutical label applicator on your side.

Why You Need A Great Pharmaceutical Label Applicator

In the pharmaceutical world nothing is quite as important as turnaround time and proper labeling guidelines. With no time to a waste, a pharmaceutical label applicator can ensure that you are meeting and exceeding these guidelines all the way. When it comes to fitting your labels into precise dimensions, making sure that all applicable information is included, and expiration dates are properly printed, a pharmaceutical label applicator is the way to go. Trying to accomplish this same level of accuracy and precision would be nearly impossible with any other type of general labeling equipment.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Labelers

We know the importance of getting your pharmaceutical labels right the first time. That's why our machines offer easy set-up so you can use simple touchscreen commands to get everything in order. Whether you are changing products or changing containers, this affords you the flexibility to move quickly without any loss in accuracy or placement speed.

In addition, with a convenient printer add-on, you can take advantage of easily changeable date stamps, lot codes and more. Since these are specific to the manufacturing and packaging date, you will be able to change them at regular intervals with a simple, accessible process. This will avoid disruptions to your overall labeling process and guarantee that your dates are always right on.

The Future of Pharmaceuticals

As restrictions on pharmaceutical labeling continue to get tighter with time, more and more pharma companies are looking to invest in quality label applicators. This will help avoid issues with misprinted labels, missing information, or even illegible date stamps. Buying the right label applicator today is a preventative measure against problems in the future. It also gives you more flexibility whether you're labeling jars, bottles, tubes or other styles of packaging for your customers.

Pharmaceutical labels are no laughing matter. Buying the right equipment the first time will ensure you have everything you need to beat the expanding regulations about how pharmaceutical products are labeled. It will also give you the tools you need to manage quick turnarounds, date changes and more on the fly without falling behind on customer orders. As a company that manages a wide range of pharmaceuticals, you'll want a versatile machine that not only meets, but exceeds all existing labeling standards. Your customers will appreciate the accuracy of your packaging services and your proficiency.

To learn more about the specifics of pharmaceutical labeling from Pack Leader USA, contact us today and ask about the PRO-515. Our specialists are here to help you choose a machine that will meet your needs and the needs of the regulatory agencies over the pharmaceutical industry. We will schedule a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your operation and how we can help. 

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