Maximizing Flexibility With Your Pharmaceutical Bottle Labelers



If you've been looking for versatile pharmaceutical bottle labelers for your co-packing operation, you're in luck.

The right labeling machine can move between a variety of different pharmaceutical bottles, providing you with everything you need from size changes to tamper-evident seals to meet any of your customers' needs.

Types of Bottles


As you well know, there are many different pharmaceutical bottle types. From tiny dropper bottles to large pill bottles and everything in between, you need a bottle labeler that can handle a diverse range of bottle sizes and types. Not only do the labels need to be highly legible, they but they also need to be safe from tearing and damage.

Professional Technology for Pressure Sensitive Labels

With the help of Pack Leader USA's modular bottle labeling machines, you can take advantage of high-quality, pressure-sensitive labeling no matter what kind of bottle your customer needs.

The pressure-sensitive technology helps the label adhere strongly to the container so the end customer can clearly read and distinguish the products they need. You can move a single pressure sensitive labeling machine across multiple product lines to apply the same quality labels across the board.

Tamper-Evident Seals

The need for tamper-evident seals has grown significantly in the pharmaceutical industry. The great news is that Pack Leader USA has labeling machines ready to go for your tamper-evident, shrink sleeve applications. Once again, the machine is modular and flexible so you can apply tamper-evident seals on tiny bottles, tubes, or other container types with ease.  No need to purchase separate machines to perform each function.

The Changeover Process

You might be skeptical about using the same machine for a variety of applications. If you've had bad experiences with labeling machines in the past, you might be worried about the time it takes to set up the machine each time you switch applications. 

The great news is — it doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming! Pack Leader USA has created a simple touch screen panel that allows you to manage your changeovers in just minutes. Our machines feature a memory bank of functions so that you can save your most-used size configurations and recall them instantly. Even if it's your first time setting up the machine for a new application, the system walks you through the process with the help of a handy touch screen so you can complete setup in minutes instead of hours. Then all you have to do is a quick test run to dial it in, and you'll be on your way.

Pack Leader USA has created a full line of pharmaceutical bottle labeling machines with the operator and efficiency in mind.

When you partner with us, you not only get quality label machines with multiple applications but ease of use and tons of flexibility. Your company will save money by sharing machines across a diverse range of products so you can offer more services to your customers in the end. You'll love the quick setup and easy changeovers that save you time and money at every stage.

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