Labels for Candle Jars: Best Way to Label Wrap Around Containers

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There’s no denying that candles are a top-rated product, especially during the winter seasons. Candles are a great decor piece for any home, and their wonderful aromas make them even more popular amongst consumers. After you’ve created a great product and designed a beautiful label including all of the necessary information for your candle, you are probably feeling excited to get your candles into the hands of consumers. However, you’ll quickly find that the demand for candles is consistently growing, and you may be finding it difficult to keep up with the production of your candle product.

As the sales for your candle product increase, completing everything by hand becomes more inefficient and less productive. You may be finding it impossible to keep up with the needs of your consumers. Additionally, having a quick production rate can lead more customers to your candle product. 

Adding a labeling machine to your production line is a great way to become more efficient. Doing so can save you time, help you produce more candles, and ultimately save you money in the long run. Let’s dive into some of the options you have to choose from when it comes to labeling your candle jars.

Hand Labeling

When you’re first launching your product, you may find hand labeling more convenient. However, as demand for your candles increases, it becomes harder to ensure that your labels are being applied correctly every time. Labels for candle jars can be a particularly harder type of label to apply by hand. These labels require precision, as they have to be wrapped around the entirety of the jar. 

Applying candle labels by hand is a lengthy process and can eventually end up costing you more money in labor and waste in the long run. Unfortunately, humans aren't perfect, which can lead to your labels looking crooked, jagged, or even torn. Additionally, when a label is applied incorrectly, the product it was placed on ultimately becomes unable to sell. Hand labeling becomes frustrating when you begin to sell more of your candle product due to its slow production rates. 

Semi-Automatic Labelers

Semi-automatic labeling machines are operated by using a hand or footswitch. These machines are a quicker and more accurate alternative to manual labeling. While using a semi-automatic labeler still requires labor from employees, they can be a great option for your candle business when you’re first getting started. These machines are compact and take up minimal space in your production facility. 

If you’re a low to medium-volume business, choosing our ELF-50 Tabletop Wrap Around Labeling Machine may be a great fit for you. This labeling machine can function both automatically and semi-automatically, which is great for low to medium-volume businesses. However, as the demand for your candle product continues to grow, making the investment in a fully automatic wrap around labeling machine will ultimately maximize the efficiency of your production line.

Automatic Labelers

Using an automatic wrap around labeler is the best way to apply labels for candle jars. Introducing one of these machines to your production line can improve your overall efficiency due to their quick speeds and low maintenance. Wrap around labelers are reliable and accurate which will ultimately reduce the number of wasted products due to unproductive labeling mistakes. 

Applying your candle labels with a fully automatic wrap around labeling machine will help your product look more high quality in the eyes of consumers, ultimately leading to more sales. Here are a few great options that you can choose from for your candle product.

PL-501 Wrap Around Labeler

The PL-501 is designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels to round containers, which makes it a great option for glass candle jars. This machine is simple to use and includes a touchscreen control system. It is durable and very easy to maintain due to its stainless steel design. 

PRO-515 Inline Labeler

The Pro-515 labels a diverse range of container sizes, making it a great option for uniquely shaped candle jars. Like the PL-501, this machine is also designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels quickly and easily. This machine is easy to maintain and can be quickly moved to other production areas, making it adaptable for a quickly growing business. Additionally, this machine can easily be upgraded depending on your needs.

ELF-50 Tabletop Wrap Around Labeler

As mentioned previously, this machine can function as both a semi-automatic and a fully automatic machine. The ELF-50 is a great option for smaller businesses as it is more compact and portable than other larger machines. 

Elevate Your Candle Labels

With the consistent demand in the candle industry, navigating different ways to make your candle stand out to consumers can be difficult. However, it is important to remember that consumers always choose a product that is of higher quality than other competitors. Creating an overall high-quality product takes more than just having a great label design and a beautiful candle jar. Choosing the right type of product labels and materials as well as pairing them with a best-fit labeling machine for your candles will help you reach more demanding consumers.

If manually labeling your candle product is beginning to be overwhelming, making the switch to a labeling machine can help resolve the issues that you are experiencing. Choosing the right machine for your product can be difficult on your own, which is why we created our Practical Guide to Choosing Labeling Equipment. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about evaluating labeling equipment including the importance of labeling equipment, evaluating your setup, and how to choose the right labeling partner. Download it for free today!