Labeling Glass Jars With a Wrap Around Machine


Labeling your glass jars is a delicate task. Not only must you invest in a quality wrap around labeling machine that can place labels precisely upon the jars, you also want to be sure that the labels adhere to the surface without damaging it or causing bubbles. In addition, you want your labels to show off the beautiful product inside so that customers can see what they're getting.

All About Glass Jars

Part of the allure of glass jars is that they can be made in any shape, style, and color. We are seeing an abundance of creatively designed glass jars on the marketplace today for things like cosmetics, fragrances, and even beverages. A major concern for manufacturers is ensuring that labels can be properly placed on glass jars, even if they are not perfectly round. Any contouring or hard edges can present a challenge for labeling machines.

In addition, sizing also poses an issue for some companies. Very small glass jars can be extremely difficult to label with any degree of accuracy and consistency. It is of the utmost importance to find a labeling solution that can scale up and down through a wide range of jar sizes effectively. When one or more of these factors are combined it's easy to see how size and shape of the jar can slow down any production line. 

Industry Specifications

Aside from the physical challenges caused by the size and shape of glass jars, there are also some important industry specifications. For instance, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies are held to a very high standard of what information must be published on their containers, while other industries have fewer requirements to meet. Nevertheless, you need a labeling solution that can adequately cover all of the bases for your products. Your labeling machine needs to make the best use of your glass jar real estate to ensure that all relevant information is in place. 

Machine Applications

The good news is that Pack Leader USA offers machines to label glass jars in a wide variety of configurations. Traditionally, a wrap-around labeler was used to handle glass jars and bottles because they were mostly round and smooth sided. As glass jars have changed shapes and gotten more intricate, other labeling technologies have become more prevalent. Today, you may find that a top and bottom labeler are also effective for placing labels on your jars. You can even combine the three to place branding information on the front face of your jars while placing detailed ingredient lists and directions on the top or bottom.

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With Pack Leader USA, you can be sure that your labels will be placed with precision so your whole product line will have that polished, professional look. In addition, each automatic labeling machine is capable of handling hundreds of jars per minute in a single pass, so you won't have to suffer through slow reloading processes. This saves you time and money and guarantees that your products are making it onto store shelves sooner rather than later. Our machines have tons of high tech features to give you a dependable output every time.

If you're ready to learn more about the best options for glass jar labeling, we invite you to contact Pack Leader USA today. Our team of consultants can help you walk through the process of choosing a machine that will fit the needs of your jars exactly. Don't settle for a plain old wrap around labeler when you could be getting a one-of-a-kind solution that makes the most of your jars and your products. We can help you combine multiple label types to deliver top-notch products across the board.

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