Label Water Bottles With A Shrink Wrap Machine


When it comes to labeling water bottles, there are a few things you need to be concerned about. Water bottles are one item that many people choose to reuse several times, even if the original bottle was designed to be disposable. In addition, water bottles tend to suffer from extreme conditions as they are carried to sporting events, hiking adventures and more. These are all stresses that do not typically apply to other types of bottles or beverages. Fortunately, shrink wrap labels offer a solid solution that will stand up to the rugged conditions that only water bottles endure.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labels

There are numerous benefits to choosing shrink sleeve labels for bottles. First and foremost, these labels are designed to fit snugly over the contours of your bottles so that they will not leave bubbles or loose ends with poor adhesion. This ensures that your branding stays in place during transport, no matter how far or tough the journey.

In addition, the unique materials used to manufacture shrink sleeve labels make them impervious to water and other spills. Traditional paper-based pressure sensitive labels are known to discolor, smear and tear when liquid drips down the side of the bottle. With these shrink sleeve labels, a thin plastic film protects the label from water damage. This means your bottles can be refilled or tucked into an icy cooler without having to worry that the label will come apart.

Branding with Shrink Sleeves

Aside from the physical benefits of choosing shrink sleeve labels, there are also notable bonuses for the branding of your products. One of the best moves you can make is to cover your bottle with a crystal clear label that lets consumers see your fresh, clean water through the label. Shrink sleeves offer a sleek, classy look that you can't get from standard labels. They also allow you to take advantage of the natural properties of your bottles, including the contours that help the water reflect light to the consumer from the shelf. If you want to make your water bottles stand out as the number one luxury brand, shrink sleeve labels can help you get there.

Purchasing a Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Pack Leader USA offers shrink sleeve labelers in three unique sizes. All three machines are designed to handle containers up to the size of a standard water bottle, or larger so you can offer hefty 1L bottles without having to worry about specialized equipment. You can use the compact SL-10 for mid-range labeling operations. It is easy to setup thanks to its modular design and portable base.

The SL-77 is a slightly smaller version of the flagship SL-10. It moves slightly slower than the SL-10, but it comes with extra features to help you seal your products with cap or neck bands. In addition, it can be used to apply tamper-evident seals if you want to guarantee that your bottles stay closed during transport.

For those who need a full-time shrink sleeve labeler, the SL-301 is the answer. This machine is designed for in-line setup with your existing packaging line. Each product will roll onto the conveyor and out the other side of the heating oven with pristinely placed labels. These finished bottles then head to a pack out table where they can be put in cases for shipment.

For more information about labeling water bottles with shrink sleeves, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Pack Leader USA today. Our team can help you choose the labeling machine that's right for your needs.

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