Label Cosmetic Tubes with a Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling System


Cosmetics tubes are one of the most challenging products to label well. Not only are they small and difficult to align, they also come in so many variations of color and style. If you've been struggling to get your cosmetics labels just right, now is the time to learn about horizontal wrap around labeling systems from Pack Leader USA.

Why Horizontal Labeling?

When we talk about wrap around labeling, we usually talk about labeling cans or bottles which have a wide base. This allows them to sit vertically as they move down the production line. Then simple rollers on the sides of the conveyor spin each can as the label wraps around them for perfect label placement. Unfortunately, since cosmetics tubes tend to be very small, they do not remain stable when standing upright, and labels often end up skewed as the tubes move down the line. Thus, a horizontal wrap around labeling system was created to allow the tubes or vials to roll down the conveyor on their sides, presenting the best possible face for the labeling head to contact. This system keeps the products firmly in place as the label adheres so that it ends up in the right place every time.

Horizontal Labeling Systems

Pack Leader USA offers several horizontal labeling systems for a variety of purposes. For cosmetics, we recommend the PL-521 Horizontal Labeling Machine. This system is made specifically for handling small and fragile products. This system can handle products that are between .0.3" and 1" in diameter, sizes that are typical of cosmetics products alone. It uses two gentle guides to hold products steady as they approach the label head. You will notice that the conveyor belt is at a slight angle, not completely horizontal. This keeps the products from rolling or falling down the wrong way.

Given the wide range of cosmetic tube sizes, this machine has also been built with convenience in mind. It has a simple one-touch setup system with up to 30 memory slots so you can save label configurations for all of your different cosmetics tubes, from lip glosses to eyeliner pencils. You select the memory function you want and it will jump to the required setting in seconds. You will also have the ability to use two manual hand wheels to make fine tune adjustments as necessary.

The PL-521 is also designed to work inline with your existing production equipment so your cosmetic bottles can roll straight out of production and into the labeler without skipping a beat. The machine will count the number of labels placed, work automatically, and alert you if there are any missed labels along the way. It significantly cuts down on the time it takes to load the tubes into a standalone machine.

Pack Leader USA has spent years studying the unique needs of the cosmetics industry when it comes to labeling technology. We know that cosmetics companies face a unique challenge when it comes to getting their labels just right. That's why we developed the PL-521 to serve you with precision and care.

To learn more about the tools of the trade for labeling cosmetics, we invite you to download our new Guide to Labeling Cosmetic Containers for free, or contact us today to schedule your first consultation with our team.

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