Increasing Perceived Value with Shrink Label Machine


A shrink sleeve is an innovative way of labeling your containers no matter their shape or size. Shrink sleeves are often used on very small containers, and containers with odd contours where a regular label will not lay flat. In addition, shrink sleeves work well when you need a tamper-proof seal over your container to ensure that it stays closed. If you have tried other label types and gotten mixed results, shrink labels may be the answer you've been looking for.

Benefits of Using Shrink Labels

Shrink labels are designed to fit around the entire exterior of your contain. The sleeves are dropped over your container, and then put through a heating chamber. The heat allows the material to shrink uniformly and adhere to the contours of your containers without wrinkling or bubbling. They provide complete coverage compared to regular pressure sensitive labels, with fewer quality issues during application for some containers.

High End Appeal

With the help of shrink labels, you can overhaul consumers' perception of your brand. A shrink sleeve will look cleaner and more durable on your containers. The application of the labels will be more uniform from batch to batch, giving your products a more professional appearance on the shelf. In addition, since the shrink labels cover the entire surface of your container, you have more space to design detailed graphics or include helpful text that will make your product stand out from other bare-bones labels from competitors. The presence of a temper-evident seal often indicates to consumers that you are serious about product safety and contamination, so they can trust that your products are of a higher quality.

All of these are elements that consumers look for when they are identifying brands that add value to their lives. The move to shrink labels shows shoppers that you are invested in quality inside and out. It also affords you a greater ability to create unique labels that stand out from the crowd. Whether it's cosmetics or craft beer, shrink labels can make a huge difference in the way your product looks next to other big names.

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