How to Determine Which Machine Works Best for Your Wrap Around Labels

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If you’ve been looking around trying to find the right labeling machine for your business you've probably noticed that it can be a confusing and overwhelming task. With so many different machines on the market, you have to be informed and educated before making the decision for your business to purchase a wrap around label machine.

Wrap Around Label Machine Explained

A wrap around labeler is a necessity for a company that uses round bottles or containers. Recent technological advances have allowed for wrap around label machines to replace expensive shrink-wrapping machines. Wrap around label machines are easier and cheaper options that can greatly increase production.

If you've recently drank from a glass bottle with a label, chances are that label was placed on that bottle with a wrap around label machine. Additional supplies that use wrap around label machines are soup products, hygiene bottles, or even medication. Basically, any bottle or plastic container can use a wrap around label machine to apply the label.

Why Use a Wrap Around Label Machine

Wrap around label machines works pretty much exactly how you would expect them to work. They apply labels by rolling them onto the surface or exterior of the product/container. This roll-on method is far less complex than similar methods like pick-and-place or shrink-wrap.

When you wrap the label around the product you allow for additional use of the printable space. It allows for a larger label with more graphics and information to stand out from the competition. 

Wrap labels typically are more durable than shrink wrap because they rely on adhesive to stick to the container rather than the fit to stay on the container. While shrink wrapping allows for the most use of printable space it also is a complicated process that can add additional costs to a manufacturer.

Which Wrap Around Labeler?

When trying to figure out which wrap around label machine to purchase you first need to understand your business and have a plan for the future of your business. For instance, you need to be real with yourself about how much production your company will need and what that product will be.

Maybe you’re a smaller business and you think a cheaper wrap around machine is better for you. Asking yourself where you'll be in a year or two helps you to understand if the smaller and cheaper label machine is more advantageous than the larger more expensive machine.

Basically, speaking that are three really solid wrap around machines that are worth considering for your business.

  • PL-501: The PL-501 is designed with a DIY mindset, a personalized technology controlling system, an adjustable hand wheel, and operator-friendly accessories, flexibility in product choices, this rigid stainless-steel machine provides high stability while being simple to maintain and operate makes it your perfect production partner and your best choice in long term investments!
  • PRO-515: The PRO-515 Vertical Wrap Around Labeling machines provide a personalized and logical operation control system. New staff in the production line will be able to begin operating it very easily. The control system of the labeler helps you sort out the best division of labor.
  • ELF-50: The ELF-50 can be moved easily, so you can set it up exactly where you’d like. It can be positioned on a tabletop or bench or moved in-line for automatic or semi-automatic applications — a convenience not found with heavier, more elaborate labeling machines. With our advanced sensors, the ELF-50 delivers optimal efficiency. Hand wheels provide simple adjustments and enable quick set-up and easy changeover.

This is a basic run down of the different wrap around label machines. For a more detailed brief check out the Practical Guide to Choosing the Right Labeling Equipment Guide. This will give you an in-depth understanding of each wrap around label machine, so you are easily able to make the best most accurate decision for your business's needs.