How the Right Food Labeling Equipment Will Change Your Business


Food labeling equipment is expensive, and it takes a lot of time to figure out which machine will best serve your packaging goals, but there is a lot to be said for the return on investment when you find just the right one. Not only will your production capabilities increase with an automated labeling machine, but you will also have more consistent and high quality labels which makes a big difference in the eyes of consumers.

Productivity Gains

There are a number of semi-automatic and full automatic labeling machines available on the market today. Semi-automatic machines are generally free standing machines that require you to feed your products through in batches. This requires some manual labor on your part to physically move and load your products, however, the labeling process itself goes very quickly. These machines have the ability to increase your production by up to 250 or 300%. Fully automatic labeling machines are integrated with your current production line so that they are receiving a constant stream of packaged products directly from the line. These machines work even faster and require less labor to operate, increasing your productivity by up to 500%.


With a high speed labeling machine in your warehouse you have the opportunity to turn your attention to more important matters: quality. Since most of these machines are designed to be used with specific label materials that can withstand the varying conditions of attaching, shipping, and distribution, there is a notable improvement in the overall look of your labels at this point. Instead of purchasing small batches of pre-printed hand cut labels to be placed individually, you will be able to purchase whole rolls of label material, usually at a slightly lower bulk rate, and there will be more consistency in the labels printing and appearance. Since the machine is handling the actual labeling action, you won't have to worry about whether labels are properly adhering to your packaging, or if they are being placed in the correct spot each and every time.

Operating Costs

While the initial investment of purchasing food labeling equipment can seem high at the outset, the actual return on investment is also very high due to a reduction in operating costs for your business. The right food labeling equipment will drastically cut down the time you are spending on manual labeling operations. It will reduce the number of employees needed to manage labeling and allow those employees to work on packing out boxes or other tasks. Your total labor costs per each package produced will drop drastically as your production triples or more in the same time space. Plus, with more consistent products coming off the line, there will be less waste of both packaging and labels in the end.

It takes time to research and learn about all the various types of food labeling equipment out there, but it is well worth your while to take the time and see what is available. When you find the right machine for either semi or fully automatic labeling operations, your business will begin to grow and see the benefits of a smoother process from start to finish. Consumers will come to rely on and appreciate your brand because they will be able to easily identify it by the label at a glance.


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