How Tamper Evident Seals Get Applied — Which Labeler is Best?

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Tamper evident seals have become standard in many industries where consumers are weary of contamination, and companies are tired of fighting off theft of contents. They have also become useful for maintaining the freshness of products and keeping a tight seal on bottles, jars and other products. So how is a tamper evident seal applied and how does it work?

Benefits of Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper-evident seals are most commonly used to ensure the freshness of packaged products. Exposure to air and light can have a negative impact on the quality of a product, so companies want to ensure that bottles and jars stay closed after they leave the packaging facility. In addition, when it comes to cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, consumers are rightfully worried that somebody may have opened or tested the product and placed it back on the shelf. Tamper evident seals provide a solid barrier that guarantees the product has been safely sealed since it left the manufacturer.


Tamper evident seals typically use a shrinkable material that comes on a reel.  As the product passes through the machine, a product sensor will indicate when the film is ready to be applied to the cap.  Once the film is applied, it remains loose on the cap until it passes through the heat tunnel.  During this process the shrink material retracts, fitting tightly to the cap and the side of the container to provide a tight seal.  Most tamper evident seals also include perforations which allow the consumer to easily remove the seal after purchase.

The entire process of placing a tamper-evident seal takes only a few seconds, so they do not cost you any extra time in production. They are commonly used with other labeling technologies to create a finished product that is both safe and fresh. Consumers feel better about products that come with tamper-evident seals because they know that the product inside has not been compromised before they get it home. To learn more about the importance of tamper-evident seals in any industry, talk to one of our labeling experts today!

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