How Does the Best Entry-Level Labeler Contribute to a New Product Launch?


You woke up in a cold sweat and had a brilliant idea for a new product. You did all the leg work and you're ready to launch. There's only one problem remaining: how to label this extravagant invention of yours. You don't want to overspend until the product really begins to takeoff, but you also can't afford to settle for poor quality labels today. What you need is the best entry-level labeler that money can buy, and we're here to help.

What Makes An Entry-Level Labeler?

There are two main factors that contribute to an entry-level machine. Not only does the equipment need to be easy to use and learn with, you also need to have the support of the labeling company to help you out along the way. You don't want a machine that lacks instructions or leaves you feeling confused. You also don't want a company that doesn't answer the phone when you have a question. The good news is that Pack Leader USA has an answer. We have created a series of intuitive entry-level labelers that we stand behind 100%.

What to Look For In A Machine

While cost may be the first thing that comes to mind when you're launching an all new product line, the truth is that you need to look at several other things before making an informed decision. For instance, does the labeling machine make the setup process easy, and will it produce a result that gives your new product the same look and feel as your more developed lines? With our simple automated setup process Pack Leader USA machines can be setup by nearly anyone in just a few minutes to get incredible results.

What To Look For In A Company

Buying a labeling machine is a lot more like buying a car than it is a hand tool. You want to know that there is a service center that can answer questions, troubleshoot problems and offer fixes when you're in a pinch. Few product launches ever go completely according to plan. You need to be ready to roll with the punches and not worry about your labeling machine in the process. The best entry-level labeler is the one that comes with a full-time support team in case of emergencies.

Other Qualities

Naturally, there are other factors you need to be thinking about as your search for the best entry-level labeler continues. For instance, you want the one that offers the greatest production volume without compromising the quality of your products. You want precision label placement that is repeatable day after day. You may also want a machine that is flexible and easy to switch over to new labels and products as you grow in new directions. After all, when this new product ramps up you'll move it to a higher capacity machine, and use your entry-level machine for the next product launch.

Here at Pack Leader USA we offer two great entry-level labelers that have stood the test of time. The first is the ELF-20, our desktop labeler designed to place labels on top of your containers. The other is the ELF-50, our wrap around labeler for small batch labeling.

To learn more about how we've created the greatest entry-level labelers of all time, contact Pack Leader USA today.

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