How Can Label Application Equipment Save My Business Money?


Business owners need to find ways to save money wherever and whenever they can. The cost of a labeling machine might not come to mind when you think about big savings on production costs. But the time, money, and energy you could save by investing in this equipment is often overlooked and undervalued. 

How exactly can label application equipment help you keep more of your hard-earned profits? Here are the many ways purchasing a quality labeling machine can impact your business for the better.

Boosts Productivity

When your staff has to manually label every product, that accounts for a lot of time they could spend working on other tasks or projects. High-quality label application equipment frees up your employee’s time to handle other aspects of the business. The more productive your team is, the more you save on labor costs. 

Automatic labeling with a machine is also much faster than manual labeling. So you’re maximizing your employee’s productivity and optimizing your production time simultaneously. That’s a big business win-win.

Improves Quality Control

Mistakes happen, but sometimes even small mistakes can be costly. More significant mistakes, like mislabeling hundreds of products, can devastate a small business. The more demand there is on your team to produce labeled products faster, the higher the chances that they’ll slip up.

Automatic labeling machines help minimize mistakes and human errors that tend to happen with manual labeling. And they do this without having to sacrifice production speed. While your staff still operates these machines, many quality machines have built-in features to help reduce errors further. For example, a scanner could identify a faulty product and halt production of any new labels until the problem is solved.

Increases Order Fulfillment

Delivering more products faster won’t necessarily save you money, but it will undoubtedly help you make more of it. Consistent, correct labeling leads to less downtime between order fulfillment. Manual labeling can hinder or even halt orders. And if you’re spending too much time on orders, you’ll have less capacity to take on new opportunities.

Since a labeling machine can easily double or even triple your production rates, you have much more flexibility to take on more business. Accepting more projects and meeting quotas faster just means more money in your pocket in the long run.

Faster Product Identification

Managing a supply chain means collecting data. And collecting data usually means sifting through barcodes or QR codes to ensure everything is labeled and packaged correctly. Manual labeling can make this much more of a chore and more prone to mistakes.

Good quality label application equipment can make this process a breeze. Labelers can quickly apply these codes to your products in a way that makes them easy to identify. This application makes dealing with larger shipments that need to be checked or withdrawn a snap rather than an all-hands-on-deck process that can eat away at your time and money.

Fewer Chances of Refunds

You already know labeling mistakes can happen, especially with manual labeling. But not all of those mistakes get caught. Some make it to their destination, and incorrect labels create expensive headaches for business owners. You could lose your client’s or customer’s trust in addition to losing their business.

Labelers reduce this risk considerably. They apply labels in a uniform fashion that makes it easier for everyone, from you to the consumer, to identify the product and product information. And since labeling machines also produce more accurate results, you’ll spend less time fixing errors, regardless of whether they happen during manufacturing or at the point of purchase.

An investment in an automatic labeler provides any business owner with a fantastic ROI. But what kind of label application equipment is right for your business? Download the Practical Guide to Choosing Labeling Equipment for free and get your answer. It’s the only guide you’ll need to help make an informed decision and buy the right equipment the first time.