High Speed Label Applicator for Your Cosmetic Applications


Cosmetics products come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. From tiny pencil style applicators to wider contouring sticks and lipstick applicators, you need a high speed label applicator that meets your needs. Labeling on cosmetics applicators typically serves two purposes: identifying your product and keeping your product safe from tampering. The right high speed label applicator will help you achieve both.

Production Speed

The first goal of any high speed label applicator is to help you boost the production speed on your cosmetics line. By automating many of the processes and using features like missing label sensors your machine is capable of labeling hundreds of products an hour without missing a single one. In the event that a label is missing, the machine will stop and alert you to the problem so that it can be fixed immediately. The labeling machine takes all of the guesswork out of labeling and can boost your productivity by 3 to 5 times.


You want your finished product to represent the highest possible quality coming out of your warehouse. The labels on your products are a big part of the way consumers see your products and determine their quality. With a high speed label applicator, the computerized sensors will use precision instruments to place your labels consistently on every single product. This is especially important on very small products like pencils that require wrap around labeling. Since there is little room for error, the machine will ensure the best placement every time. Options like the PL-521 are specifically designed for labeling items with a small diameter as they roll across the assembly line while the SL-10 shrink sleeve labeler is an efficient way to perfectly seal your products.

High speed label applicators can provide a major improvement to the overall visual appeal of your products. By placing labels accurately and efficiently you can get more cosmetics out the door with fewer missing labels and fewer broken labels. In addition, you can count on the machine to speed up your final processes and assist with quality control by automatically alerting you to errors in the line.

If you are looking for high speed labeling equipment to add to your production line, contact Pack Leader USA today. We have a variety of different equipment options ranging from the PL-521 to the SL-10, as well as the PL-221 and PL-501 which service different types of cosmetics applicators. You can schedule a consultation to learn more about what each machine can bring to your operation.


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