Head to Toes Beauty Container and Cosmetic Label Applicators


What would you do if you walked into a salon and all of the employees looked messy and disheveled? Now imagine that you're walking down the cosmetic aisle of your local store and all of the products look sloppy. Do you trust these products to make you look beautiful? Probably not. This is why you need a quality labeling machine to get your products ready for store shelves.

The Magic of Cosmetics

It doesn't matter whether it's the new exclusive lipstick from today's hottest artist, or a bottle of good old shampoo, your products need to look clean and well put together if you want consumers to believe in their magic. That's right. The entire cosmetics industry is about the magic that a person feels when they get ready and feel good about themselves. A single sloppy label can disrupt that magic and make them question whether or not the product inside is good for them. That's why you need to be paying close attention to the labeling machines you are employing in your cosmetics line.

Choosing Labeling Equipment

Cosmetic label applicators come in as many forms as there are cosmetics containers. The challenge of the cosmetics industry is there is such a wide range of sizes and styles for makeup and products including tubes, jars, and flat palettes. For things like shampoos in large bottles, you can choose to use front and back labels, shrink sleeves, or even full wrap around labels. The PL-501 is great for wrap around labeling, while the PL-622 can take on front and back labeling with ease. If you really want to go all in on shrink sleeves, the SL-10 is a great place to start.

If you happen to be working with lipstick tubes, eyeliners or other cosmetics that are commonly packaged in long skinny containers, a horizontal wrap around machine will be best suited to your needs. The PL-521 is leading the way with this technology.

For lotions and other topical ointments that are in jars, you have several options as well. Top and bottom labels may make the most sense if you can take advantage of the large flat surface area on the cap. The PL-221 is ideal for this type of labeling. However, wrap around labeling is still possible with the PL-501. Lotions that are in squeeze tubes can take advantage of shrink sleeve labeling, but you may prefer the front and back approach as well.

These are just some of the most common configurations that we see for cosmetic label applicators in the field. As everybody in the cosmetic industry works hard to create visual appeal and magic with their products, the type of cosmetic label applicators needed have become more complicated. Anyone who tries to cut corners on their labels will find themselves lost in a sea of exotic products on the shelf.


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