Hand Label Application vs Automatic Label Applicators


What is it that makes some brands stand out on the shelf while others end up in the bargain bin? Is it all about the quality of the products inside, or does some of it have to do with the presentation of those products? Here at Pack Leader USA we know that a large part of where you end up on store shelves has to do with the way your products appear when they're looking out at customers from the store shelf. That's why we've set out to show companies that an automatic label applicator can create a world of difference from your hand labeling applications.

How Much Does Hand Labeling Cost You?

Too often we hear our customers saying that they can't afford to buy a professional quality automatic labeler. If that's the case for your company, then there are some things you should be considering. For instance, how much does it cost you in labor to continue hand labeling your products? If you haven't yet considered it, think about how much time you could be saving by switching to a more advanced machine. Can you afford not to upgrade? That's the real question.

How Automatic Labelers Help You Save

Obviously automatic labelers can save you a ton of manual labor time and allow you to utilize your staff for more productive tasks, but there are some hidden cost savers that you'll enjoy as well. For instance, automatic labelers are far more efficient at placing labels correctly the first time. This means less wasted labels and less wasted product as you run your production line. In addition, when you pay a little more for a professional automatic labeler up front, you are also getting the advantage of a service team that will help you maintain your labeler long term. That's rarely the kind of support you get with hand label applicators.

If you can ramp up your production speed by 2-3 times thanks to your new automatic labeler, how much product could you get to store shelves? Would that eliminate back orders? How many hours did it take your team to apply a batch of labels using hand label applicators? Could those same hours be applied to packing, quality control or other tasks that would boost your profitability?

In the Eye of the Beholder

The real test comes when your products are sitting on the shelf alongside other products of like type. Consumers will instantly notice if one brand regularly has uneven or crooked labels. They will notice if labels are falling off the product or torn before they reach the shelves. Often times if a product is poorly packaged the consumer won't even bother looking for another bottle or jar behind the first one they see. Consistent label placement gives consumers confidence in your brand, and makes them believe that your products are professional through and through. Carelessness at the packaging stage can undo all that hard work you did to create a quality product in the first place. Hand label applicators often fail to meet the exacting standards of consumers on the prowl.

Sure, you can pick up cheap hand label applicators online without having to consult a labeling professional, but you should be mindful of what kind of message you could be sending your customers with sloppy labeling. Never underestimate the customer's eye for details.

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