Great Liquor Label Designs of 2022

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that basically makes a liquor bottle label worth a thousand sips... right? The point is, the label is very important. Attention grabbing labels ultimately get more eyes on your product, which of course leads to more tasters-turned-loyal-consumers of your brand. No matter how amazing your product is, the odds of people experiencing that flavor are low without an aesthetically pleasing bottle label design.

A successful liquor label should include captivating imagery that encapsulates your brand and draws consumers’ eyes. Imagery is important, but including engaging informative writing that sets your product apart is also key. Word choice and color palate should align with your target audience, ensuring that your product has appeal in the market.

Keep in mind that the size of your label should be considered at the very start of the design process. You can choose any size, but make sure to consider how much information needs to be printed on the bottle. Some products require FDA and USDA specs, which take up a considerable amount of space. Wrap around or shrink sleeve labels are helpful in such instances, rather than top, bottom, front, or back labels. Make sure you have the KLD information for your product, and design accordingly. Essentially, make sure to collect all necessary data at the start of the design phase so you wind up with perfectly sized and printed labels.

The liquor label designs trend is constantly changing in every industry, however, there are a few common labeling trends across industries to keep in mind. Eco-friendly designs, communicating health and wellness, and vintage appeal are a few of the most common trends. Let’s dive into current trends in liquor label design to get one step closer to those bottles flying off the shelves.Blog_Content_InteractiveInk (1)

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Interactive Inks

Interactive inks are currently quite popular, and add nuance to your design. Keeping the eco-friendly trend in mind, using organically sourced inks is a great idea. Consumers love when your brand is actively striving to do its part.

With Sunlight inks text or images only appear when the sun is shining on them. They can add a bit of mystery and flair to a poolside or picnic favorite.

Thermochromic ink changes color based on temperature and can add a healthy dose of fun to your design. Who doesn’t love a secret message?

Chameleon inks appear to change colors depending on the angle you’re viewing the label from. This style is on the cutting edge, and adds character without being too flashy.

Local Artists

Designing your label with a local artist shows your brand’s awareness and value of community, makes you stand out, and leads to recognizable and unique designs.

Vintage Design Style

A vintage look is in right now, so working to make a design that nods to a bygone era could be in your favor. Vintage designs typically implement a simple color scheme and highlight the company’s name and location. The focus is on clean and simple design, nothing too flashy.Blog_Design_VintageBottles (1)

Sustainable Material

Implementing sustainable materials in your label creation can really add a sense of caring and community involvement to your brand image. Using eco-friendly materials throughout the design process doesn’t just impress consumers, it also helps the earth. That’s a win-win.

Unique Label Shape

Unique-to-your-brand die-cut shape labels are very popular currently. Label shape as part of your design is a great way to pull in shoppers’ eyes and pique interest.


Adding a textural element to your label is a great idea. The feel of the bottle in your hand can be heightened by texture, making a strong impression on consumers.

Spot coatings are applied to a small area of a design, bringing more attention to a unique element of the label. Gloss or matte spot coatings are possible, and create a textured look.

Textured coatings are just barely raised, and give a nice tactile sensation as they’re slightly abrasive/rough to the touch with a matte appearance.

When Inspiration Strikes

Now that you have some ideas of how to make your liquor label stand out to consumers on the shelf, you may be asking yourself how you should get started.

Luckily, Pack Leader USA has a guide for everything you need to know about choosing the best labeling equipment for your business.  Download it for free here.