From Eyeliner to Lipstick with a Wrap Labeler


Cosmetics are some of the most difficult products to package and label. The industry's obsession with beauty demands that the packaging itself looks as good as the finished product when it's applied. Unfortunately, tiny eyeliners and lipsticks are a challenge due to their size and the huge array of colors that they come in. A wrap labeler is one simple way to improve your labeling abilities and speed up production for your customers so their products can shine.

Push Your Productivity

The beauty industry never takes a day off, and it's up to you to keep up with changing demands. As you move from one batch of products to the next, or from one customer to the next, you need a labeling machine that is versatile enough to make the switch in no time. A wrap labeler uses a streamlined setup system so you can load new labels and new products and use the guides to instantly get back up and running. There is little wasted time spent on minute adjustments made by hand because the computer handles all the label placement.

A More Consistent Product

Your customers are expecting all of their products to come off of your line in pristine condition. They often don't realize the challenges of getting labels to look consistent across a huge body of products. Fortunately, a wrap labeler can make this task easier for you as well. Fine tune adjustments allow you to place labels precisely on your products with minimal variation. You can also use pre-set functions to save your most used setups and recall them in minutes to pick up where you left off.

Save Yourself Time

Cut down on your turn around time by using a wrap labeler. Instead of having a whole crew of people loading products and placing labels in small batches, you can use fewer hands to get the job done much faster. You will find far fewer defective labels, and there will be less need to re-work products that were poorly labeled on the first pass. Now you can give yourself a better lead time and impress your customers with how fast and smooth the experience is for them.

A wrap labeler can be used on all sizes of cosmetics products to produce a more customized, cleaner look. Your customers will appreciate the apparent improvement in quality that comes with a more consistent labeling machine, and you can enjoy the payoff of a more productive plant with significantly less waste. To learn more about how to stay competitive in the cosmetics labeling industry, check out our total Cosmetics Labeling Guide today.


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