Shrink Sleeve Labeling: For All Of Your Odd Shaped Containers


As manufacturing processes have gotten simpler, many companies are looking for creative ways to make their products stand out. Unusually shaped containers are flooding the market, allowing companies to package their products in artistic and easy to use containers rather than plain bottles and jars. The problem is that labeling these odd shapes has been a challenge. With Pack Leader USA's shrink sleeve labeling technology this doesn't have to be a problem anymore.

Why Shrink Sleeves Work

Unlike regular pressure sensitive labels that must be rolled on to your containers, shrink sleeves are made to go over the entire body of your product. A rolled on label generally has a hard time adhering to contours or imperfections on your container's surface, but a shrink sleeve forms around the contours tightly as it is heated in the heat tunnel. This will help you overcome any challenge you may have with labeling your oddly shaped containers.

Benefits of Choosing Shrink Sleeves

Not only are shrink sleeves more versatile when it comes to labeling your products, they also provide a number of other advantages for you to enjoy. For instance, the materials used to make shrink sleeves are notably more durable than traditional paper labels. This is because the shrink sleeve is made of a plastic-like material that reacts to heat to fit snugly onto your container. These labels are less susceptible to tearing and staining.

Furthermore, shrink sleeve labels do not use sticky adhesive on the back that often causes paper labels to bubble or crease. Since these labels are heat activated and form fitted, you will not find odd pockets where your labels have failed to adhere.

Shrink sleeves ultimately give your products a more professional finish and more range. You won't have to be concerned about choosing the wrong type of container with these labels because they can handle any job you throw at them. You can also have confidence that these labels will outlast any other type of label on the market.

Choosing a Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Now that you understand the benefits of choosing shrink sleeves when you are working with oddly shaped containers, it is time to select a shrink sleeve labeling machine that will work for you. Pack Leader USA offers three different shrink sleeve machines to meet the needs of your production line. Whether you are currently working in small batches or testing new containers, or you have a full-scale production, we have modular options that can easily be worked into any existing program. Our smaller shrink sleeve labelers are portable and easy to work with. They have been designed with intuitive touch screen controls so you can have your labeler set up in just minutes and ready to get your products out the door.

Check Out Our Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines

Our full-size shrink sleeve machine is meant for constant use with a simple conveyor system that takes products straight off of your line and rolls them out of the oven onto a pack out table in a constant stream. This is ideal for large-scale operations that can't afford down time.

When it comes to odd shaped containers, Pack Leader USA has the inside scoop on getting the best possible label finish. We have worked hand in hand with customers to develop shrink sleeve technology that works for you. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation and explore the wide range of shrink sleeve options available to you.

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