Exceptional Flexibility With Custom Shrink Sleeve Labeler Machines


Shrink sleeve machine labelers represent a new generation of high tech labeling equipment designed for more flexibility than ever before. While regular wrap-around and front/back labelers have been traditionally limited to flat and round containers, shrink sleeves are capable of handling products in nearly any size and shape of container. They also provide superior water-resistant properties, and a number of added features that can help simplify all of your product concerns.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeves

A shrink sleeve machine is capable of handling products in very small tubes all the way up to large cans and jars. Unlike traditional labels, shrink sleeves are often made to cover the entire surface of a container so you can create a more uniform, classy appeal. Shrink sleeves are made of a specialized material that reacts to heat and constricts around your containers tightly to cover any contours evenly without bubbles or tears. This material also stands up well to moisture, making it ideal for canned goods that are cooled and often subject to condensation. In many cases, shrink sleeves can be more cost-effective than traditional labelers because they are capable of handling a wider range of product types. You can instantly switch out products and labels and continue with production at maximum speed.

Accessorizing Your Shrink Sleeve Machine

The true genius of the shrink sleeve machine is the ability to customize your machine with advanced tools such as cutters, mandrels, printers and more. Adding a 4, 6 or 8 head cutter makes it possible to quickly and cleanly cut shrink sleeves to fit your containers in large batches so they can head straight into the oven for shrinking. The mandrel attachment allows your machine to precisely wrap each label around your cans or bottles for a seamless fit. Each option can be weighed according to the needs of your production line to find the most efficient way to get your products labeled and shipped out.

Why Choose a Pack Leader USA Machine?

Pack Leader USA currently offers three different shrink sleeve machine options in the SL line. The SL-10 is a small batch machine designed for handling standard sized cans and jars. It is designed for simple modular setups so you can add or subtract components as needed, and make changeovers quickly from one production batch to the next. It is the ideal entry-level shrink sleeve labeler.

The next step up is the SL-77 and the SL-301. Each of these machines are designed for large-scale production. The SL-77 is capable of high production speeds and professional level output, while the SL-301 is the top of the line shrink sleeve labeler for those who need full-time shrink sleeve operations on a dedicated production line.

Pack Leader USA offers superior 24-hour customer service, so you can call anytime if you have questions or need help with your machine. In addition, each machine is designed with a streamlined touch screen control panel for quick setup and changeovers. With custom-designed accessories, you can be sure that any components you order to go with your machine will work perfectly with the existing machinery. These machines are also designed to fit in-line with all of today's latest packaging equipment.

To learn more about shrink sleeve machine options from Pack Leader USA, contact us today for your free consultation. One of our customer representatives will be happy to guide you toward the machine best suited to your labeling needs.

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