Flexible Automatic Label Applicator for Your Complete Line of Cosmetics


When we think about labeling equipment for cosmetics we often think in terms of what one machine can do for one product. In reality, an automatic label applicator may be the answer to creating beautiful labels for your entire product line. New label machines are flexible and easy to use, so they can serve more than one purpose in your facility. Plus there are plenty of ways for you to specialize your automatic label applicator to whatever type of labels and containers you are currently using.

Limitless Possibilities

The cosmetics world is full of all different styles of containers and labels. Pencil styles cosmetics are often finished with a shrink sleeve label. Bottles of lotion and liquid foundations are wrapped with pressure sensitive labels. There are hundreds of ways to combine your cosmetic containers with different label styles to get the look you are after.

Choosing an Automatic Label Applicator

Whatever combination of labels and containers you have decided on, the next step is to choose an automatic label applicator. Many label applicators are designed to be flexible for changing products and labels whenever necessary. They can be used to label a range of different container sizes ranging from bulk size products to sample sizes. On the other hand, you may set your automatic label applicator to one specific size of container, but rotate through several different labels as you change shades or products.


Labeling Cosmetic Containers? Get the free guide  Labeling Cosmetic Containers? Get the free guide


Increasing Productivity

More than likely you are producing cosmetic products in batches for shipment. By using one flexible automatic label applicator across multiple products, it is possible to increase your machine up-time for every dollar spent on equipment. This keeps equipment from sitting quiet while it's not in use, and increases the return on investment you get from each piece of labeling equipment you own. It also means that you will be sharing resources across multiple product lines so there can be less time spent setting up and more time actually producing.

Automatic labeling applicators have grown increasingly versatile with time. Now a single applicator can be used to create many different combinations of containers and labels in no time. You have the ability to keep your equipment running more consistently and get great results in every configuration.

To learn more about how an automatic label applicator can boost your cosmetic line's productivity, contact Pack Leader today. We have labeling equipment for any style or type of product.

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