Don't Let Your Cosmetics Labels be an Afterthought


When you got into the cosmetics game you were probably super excited about the possibility of creating new products with ingenuity and creativity. However, packaging and label design often fall by the wayside in the excitement of creating a great product that works. Now is the time to start planning your cosmetics label to enhance your finished products and get the word out about what your brand is doing.

Creating an Eye-Catching Label

Great labels don't happen by accident. There are highly skilled graphics designers working behind the scenes of every famous marketing campaign, creating artistic labels that get attention. It is worth it for you to consult with a graphic designer for your brand to create a completely unique label that takes advantage of the wealth of science that goes into successful branding.

Informing the Customer

Your cosmetics label is also subject to a long list of FDA regulations that will impact the design. It is best to start gathering this information early on so that it can be included in your label design as soon as possible. Your products will never make it to the market unless you do your part to meet the minimum guidelines. Of course, your customers also use this information to make informed decisions, so make sure you are giving them the answers they are looking for. Trying to rush this in at the end will almost surely mean that you miss something or have to make corrections, which can be a huge setback.

Consistent Application

The battle for a quality finished product doesn't stop once your labels in hand. The cosmetics label needs to be applied properly and reliably to get results. This is largely dependent on the type of equipment that you are using. Bad equipment will give you bad results every time. The right labeling equipment will be designed specifically for handling the type of labels you are using and the containers you have. Take the time to understand how different labeling machines work and find the one that will deliver dependable results. The cheap hand labeler you find online from a no-name company probably isn't the best bet.

No product makes it to the store shelf naked. When you start creating your new product, you also need to be thinking about what that product will look like on the shelf and how you want it to be presented. There are many experts in the field of graphic design and marketing who can help you put together a cohesive design that gives your products a great look and meets the needs of the FDA. Then it's up to you to use the best equipment available to get the look you want.

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