Does My Bottling Line Need a High Speed Labeling Machine?

Choosing a Quality Bottle Labeler for Craft Brewers Bottling Line

If you have already invested heavily into your bottling line with fast-paced filling equipment, the next step is to turn your attention to the labeling and packaging process. How soon is too soon to buy a high-speed labeling machine? The answer is that as soon as your bottling equipment is up to speed, investing in great labeling technology is the natural next step. 


In many cases, small and mid-sized bottling operations keep their machines from operating at max capacity because they do not have the labeling equipment to keep up. The right high-speed labeling machine will allow you to ramp up production of your bottling line until you are producing up to six hundred bottles per hour. Many bottlers see a 300% increase in the number of bottles they are able to produce each hour just by purchasing a label applicator that can keep up. 


Another advantage of many high-speed labeling applicators is that they are designed to work in-line with your bottling equipment. Hand labelers and semi-automatic labelers are generally standalone units that require manual loading and unloading of products. An in-line solution allows you to save time and energy by letting products flow naturally through the entire labeling process without disruption. If you are currently experiencing a bottleneck in your operations when it is time to get your bottles labeled and packed off to the stores you can alleviate the problem by upgrading to more advanced labeling equipment


In addition to the easy implementation of high-speed labeling machines with your bottling line, you will also be able to reduce the number of operators required to keep your line running. Without the need for several full time labelers, you can likely have a single person managing your labeling machine. Other team members could move on to packing and quality control inspections, which will ultimately improve your turnout. 

If you already have bottling equipment capable of large-scale production, you are more than likely ready for a high-speed labeling machine. The use of this new labeling equipment will allow you to take advantage of the optimum operating speeds allowable by your bottler, while also improving on your quality and cutting operating costs. The end result will be more product with better labels leaving your warehouse each day and fewer restrictions on how much you can get done at any given time. It is never too early to start planning your future expansion. 

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