Designer Perfume Labels for the Modern Cosmetic Company


In recent years, perfume manufacturers have gone out of their way to create exotic looking bottles that speak to their customer base. As a result, the type of technology needed to label these bottles has gotten more complex. Simple wrap around and front/back labeling machines are no longer sufficient to handle the textured bottle styles of modern perfume companies. Thus, shrink sleeve labels have become a mainstay in the industry.

Opening Up Your Container Options

Today's perfume bottles often come shaped like stars, diamonds or other intricate shapes. With more complex shapes come more edges and hard lines that are hard for simple pressure sensitive labels to adhere to. Since shrink sleeve labels literally constrict around the bottles, they fill those corners and edges without causing bubbles or loose areas. This makes it possible to take advantage of designer bottle styles with ease.

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Benefits of Shrink Sleeves

The greatest benefit of shrink sleeves is that they are able to easily adhere to any style of bottle the manufacturer chooses to use. Shrink sleeves are the label of choice when no other label will form a dependable bond with the bottle. Since many perfumes are aiming for the luxury market, they can't afford to have loose, sloppy labels on their containers.

Another benefit of shrink sleeves is that they can work with a variety of bottle sizes. Since most manufacturers offer their perfumes in sample sizes and bulk sizes, it is easy to upsize a shrink sleeve without changing any of the major details so that the label still shrinks to the bottle appropriately.

Finally, shrink sleeves are very resilient and can withstand liquid drips and spills without smearing or tearing. While most perfume bottles only spray a fine mist, there is some chance of bottles leaking during transport. Labels need to be safe from damage.

Full body shrink sleeve labelers make it possible for perfume manufacturers to exercise their creative muscles when designing their packaging. The cosmetics and perfume industries are already very competitive when it comes to catching the eye of consumers, and the option to use shrink sleeve labels opens up a whole world of possibilities for marketing and making a stand on store shelves.

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