Delicate Pressure Sensitive Labelers for Your Bread


After all the time and energy you put into producing beautiful, fluffy loaves of bread and other baked goods, it would be disheartening to see your work crushed or crumpled by unforgiving labeling machines. Fortunately, there are modern pressure sensitive labelers available that can handle even your most delicate items with care.

Top and Bottom Labelers

Most bread products are now labeled using top and bottom labeling technology. However, accomplishing this task without crushing your bread requires a precise balance of pressure as your bread rolls across both the top and bottom label heads. With convenient, adjustable paddles, it is easy for your team to make sure that your labels adhere to the surface of the bread wrapper consistently without pressing too hard. Thanks to the easy to understand setup interface, you can make minor adjustments to your labeling process and fine tune your labels.

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Features to Watch For

Pack Leader USA has a number of machines that are perfect for managing your bread label project. The PL-221 is just one machine that is designed for precision labeling at incredible speeds. With a color touch screen available to guide you through the setup process you can layout your labels on your packaging just right. An optional printer can help land your expiration dates on your labels in just the right spot. A pack out table is another add-on that will give you room to work on packaging your bread for shipment without getting things backed up.

Not only do you get a ton of great features built into your pressure sensitive labeler, you also get the full backing of the Pack Leader USA service team. This includes ongoing maintenance and training, as well as readily accessible parts kits to keep your machines in good condition. You're getting the whole Pack Leader USA Experience. We're available on call to answer your questions and guide you through any issues you may have.

Not only does the PL-221 come with all of the above features and perks, it is also incredibly flexible in your packaging plant. No matter how many different types of bread you have or other products you are dealing with, this versatile machine can easily be transported between packaging lines and switched over to new labels in just minutes.

No matter what kind of bread you've baked up, Pack Leader USA's pressure sensitive labeler line is the answer you've been looking for. Deliver high-quality artisan breads to your customers without fear of having them smashed during the packaging process. When you partner with Pack Leader USA, you also get the best service in the industry will full-time support for all of your labeling needs. Our service department is here to help you find all the parts and accessories you need to build out your pressure sensitive labeler into a full-scale labeling monster. Call today to schedule your free consultation with a Pack Leader USA labeling expert!


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