COVID-19 Outbreak Product Demand: The Right Labeling Machine Can Help Your Lines Move Faster


Product demand isn’t going to let up anytime soon. What are your plans to keep up with orders?

The demand for hand sanitizer, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning wipes, dish soap, trash bags, disinfectant spray, laundry detergent, or tissues isn’t going to wane anytime soon. Now is the time to create a plan to ramp up production.

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Manufacturers of hand sanitizers, hand soaps, disinfectant sprays, cleaning wipes, and other critical bottled products should think about practical and financially feasible ways to increase output. This can include evaluating the current workflow to uncover inefficiencies, temporarily offering overtime, or improving the production line with more efficient equipment. 

For those who’ve already tweaked processes, incorporated overtime hours, and made investments into your bottling line with fast-paced filling equipment, it might be time to turn your attention to the labeling process. Investing in powerful labeling technology can help speed up your production line. 

Increase Line Output Up to 300%  


Many bottling manufacturers see a 300% increase in the number of containers they turn out each hour when automatic labeling machines are implemented.

In many cases, small and mid-sized bottling production lines aren’t operating at maximum capacity because they don’t have the right labeling equipment. Implementing the right automatic, high-speed labeling machine that works with your container type and line layout will allow you to produce up to six hundred bottles per hour. Many bottlers see a 300% increase in the number of bottles produced each hour just by using a label applicator that can keep up with production speed. 

Automated labeling machines improve the overall efficiency of bottling and packaging lines by placing high-quality digital labels significantly faster than semi-automatic and manual labeling.

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Eliminate Bottlenecks


Quality, high-speed labeling machines work with your current bottling equipment, not against them. 

Many high-speed labeling applicators are designed to work in-line with your existing bottling equipment. An in-line labeling solution allows you to save time and energy by letting products flow naturally through the entire labeling process without disruption. If you are currently experiencing a bottleneck in your operations when it is time to get your bottles labeled and packaged, begin to alleviate the problem by upgrading to more advanced labeling equipment. 

Quality automatic labeling machines also ensure that labels are properly placed and perfectly adhered each time. With no mislabels or mistakes, you’re saving precious time and money. If you’re ready for a new labeler on your line, be sure to ask about label printing options. Some labeling machine manufacturers offer flexible printer add-ons that offer high-quality printing and maximum flexibility for barcodes and other information that’s invaluable for efficient inventory management and product tracking.


Maintain Production Schedules Without Major Downtime


Labeling machines reduce the number of operators required to keep lines moving.


If you’re forced to send home laborers due to coronavirus health restrictions, this is one way you can maintain your current production level without significant downtime. While it’s unfortunate that people are losing their jobs temporarily, consumer demand will only continue to grow. So, to keep your line moving, you may need to consider a workflow or equipment change.

Adding a high-speed labeling machine to your bottling line will reduce the number of operators required to keep your line running. Without the need for several full-time labelers, you can likely have a single person managing your labeling machine. Other team members could refocus their efforts on packing and quality control inspections, which will also improve your turnout. 

Streamlining your production setup will enable your entire line to run continuously, with little physical labor and less downtime to hinder expedient order fulfillment. Studies have shown that employees performing repetitive tasks are prone to fatigue, costing U.S. employers more than $130 billion annually in health-related lost productivity.


Tired employees are more prone to make mistakes that may result in both wasted time and materials. In highly regulated industries like fresh food or pharmaceutical, errors can lead to expensive recalls and lawsuits.

Automated labeling machines will take this burden off your employees and allow you to streamline labor costs while utilizing your team in more productive ways.

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Operate Optimally, Improve Quality, and Cut Overall Costs


To operate optimally, your labeling machine needs to keep up with the capacity of your filling machine.

If your manufacturing line already has bottling equipment capable of high-speed, large-scale production, then you are likely more than ready for a high-speed labeling machine. 

Quality, automatic labeling equipment will allow you to take advantage of the optimum operating speeds allowable by your bottler, while also improving on your quality and cutting operating costs. The end result will be a higher volume of product with better labels leaving your warehouse each day and fewer restrictions on how much you can get done at any given time. 

Upping production to keep up with demand is essential. Plus, it is never too early to start planning for future growth and expansion.

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Investing in an automatic labeling machine designed to work with your pack out table will improve your order fulfillment speed and capabilities by helping your production line run smoother and faster.

Pack Leader USA’s labeling experts can help you find the right labeling machine for your operation. With exceptional service, top-notch experience, and world-class technology, we’re setting the industry standard for excellence in modular labeling solutions — and we want to help you, especially during this challenging time of increased demand.

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