Cosmetic Shrink Sleeve Labeling With Tamper Evident


Cosmetics companies are fighting to keep their products safe on the way to consumers. One way of achieving this is with the help of shrink sleeve technology and tamper-evident seals. Shrink sleeve labels have become especially useful for the wide range of compact pencils and tubes that are used exclusively for cosmetics products. Here's what you need to know:

Why Shrink Sleeves for Your Cosmetics?

For cosmetics companies, shrink sleeve labeling is one of the simplest and most accurate ways of labeling products. Standard wrap around labelers often have a hard time of neatly labeling tiny eyeliner pencils and lipstick tubes. A shrink sleeve label is much easier to apply because it covers the entire surface and doesn't have to line up perfectly as it wraps around. In addition, shrink sleeves are less likely to have bubbles or other imperfections that could cause the label to fall off of tiny cosmetics products before they make it to store shelves. 

Why Tamper Evident Seals?

Tamper evident seals make an important addition to any cosmetics labeling solution. The cosmetics industry is constantly battling theft, as well as unsafe sampling practices in store. With tamper-evident seals, you can assure the safety of consumers by providing a visual indication that the product has not been open or used by anyone else. This is especially important for lip glosses and other products where prior usage may not be obvious. Tamper evident seals protect your products and help prevent the spread of bacteria in the process.  Consumers that see tamper-evident seals on your cosmetics will know that your products are safe, and that you take this issue seriously. This helps put their mind at ease and improves your reputation in the community. 


If you've never worked with shrink sleeve labels in the past, you may be wondering whether or not this system can work with your existing packaging line. The good news is that professional quality shrink sleeve labelers are meant to work in-line with your packaging system so that your lipstick tubes, eyeliner pencils and other products can roll directly into the labeler and come out the other side tightly sealed in just a few short minutes. You can label hundreds of products per minute using this system. 

Pack Leader USA offers three different shrink sleeve labeling options for cosmetics companies of any size. You can find a modular solution that will fit right in line with your existing equipment and enhance the quality finish of your products in your customers' eyes.


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