Cosmetic Labels Designed for Beauty


Why do people buy cosmetics in the first place? Most often these products are designed to make them feel beautiful and elegant. Your cosmetic labels need to exemplify these properties as well if you want to convince people that your products can help them achieve their desired look. Here are a few ways you can demonstrate your prowess in the cosmetics industry through your labels:

Clean Appearance

Cluttered labels detract from your customer's ability to identify what your product is and how it will help them. Creating clean, concise labels that clearly state what your products have to offer is a great way to get people interested. For makeup products that come in many colors, the label should also indicate the color or shade that they can expect to see.

Fancy Script

Having a clean label doesn't mean plain. Instead, your labels can be dressed up with an elegant, yet legible, script. The flow of your text will tell your customers that your products are graceful, smooth, and a step up from other products on the shelf. Show your customers that you are a luxury they can't afford to miss.

Logo Designs

A logo can be just as important as a name in the business world. Many of your companies will recognize your brand by the logo before they remember your full name. Logos for cosmetics companies are generally sleek and simple, sometimes identifying what makes you different from the competitors. For instance, the inclusion of a tag line that includes the words "professional" or "organic". Logos can be scaled up or down to fit properly on your cosmetic labels without blocking out other important text.

Legal Requirements

While the artistic elements of your cosmetic labels may be fun to design and play with, there are also many legal requirements that must be met for a cosmetic label to be truly great. The good news is that the FDA mandated data does not need to detract from the overall appearance of your label. Instead it can be used to support your claims and enhance the beauty of your product when organized correctly.

Cosmetic labels are a prime way for you to attract new customers and show off your beautiful products. The colors and design of your labels makes a big statement about the kind of brand you represent and the quality of products you produce.

If you need help designing a beautiful label for your products, contact PackLeader USA. Schedule a free consultation today and we can help you give your labels a face lift.


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