Co-Packing Nail Polish Label Application Machines


As a co-packer of nail polish products, you know better than anyone that having to change between colors and product labels is one of the most time consuming parts of your operation. You need a solution that allows you to make quick changeovers without having to reset your entire label application machine. The faster you can move between products, the better you can serve your clients.

Why the Right Label Application Machine Matters

In the cosmetics industry, unlike other packaging industries, you are often faced with dozens or even hundreds of different product shades. While a winery may only have half a dozen different products to label, you could be labeling more than a dozen shades of red, not to mention all of the other colors out there. If changing between labels is eating up all of your time, it's time to look into a machine that simplifies this step.


The biggest benefit of investing in a quality label application machine is the boost to productivity you will receive. Whether you're just changing colors or you're changing to a whole new brand, these machines are capable of making the switch in just minutes. The handy setup coordinator will walk you through the process via a color touch screen interface with easily accessible menu options. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips.


Some machines are so difficult to get dialed in that every time you need to change colors or brands, you are faced with a difficult series of adjustments to get the labels just right. Your staff may even fear that they'll never get it set just right ever again if they have to take it off of its current settings. This type of system is counterproductive as it limits your ability to be flexible on the floor. With a modern label application machine the process has been streamlined and enhanced so that every changeover will achieve the same level of quality and consistency. All you have to do is make the switch and the machine will take care of the rest, delivering reliable service as long as you need.


Need help building the perfect labeling machine? With Pack Leader you will have the advantage of modular build outs so you can add or subtract parts to reach the perfect orientation for your operation. For instance, adding a hopper or a pack out table is a great way to keep your labeler running smoothly with less down time.

Great nail polish doesn't wait for anybody. Your clients want quick, reliable labeling of their products with quality label placement. This is exceedingly difficult given the size and variety of types of nail polish out there, but it isn't impossible. Having the right label application machine in your warehouse is the first step towards providing exceptional customer service. Now you can turn products around faster and get them back out the door without having to worry about trial and error changeovers and loss of consistency. Plus you have plenty of customizable options to make your new labeler fit your needs.


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