Choosing the Right Labeling Equipment Company (Checklist)


Finding the right labeling equipment means more than just evaluating a single piece of machinery. Rather, it involves getting to know the equipment manufacturer, how they support their equipment and their ability to bring you excellent customer service at all points in your labeling process. Here are five distinguishing characteristics to look for in the top-rated labeling equipment companies:

1. Do they offer A Personalized Sales Experience?

Not all labels or containers are created equal, and finding the right labeling equipment will require doing several test runs to find the best mix of components and machinery that work well together for consistent results. You should be looking for a labeling equipment company that offers versatile machines, and is willing to review test results to optimize the machine you buy for your specific product. 

2. Do they have a Dedicated Service Team?

Attaching hundreds of labels an hour for countless days is no easy task. All machinery is subject to wear and tear, degradation and occasional hiccups. What's important is that your labeling equipment company stands behind their machines with a service team that is ready to help you out when you need troubleshooting assistance or repairs. Find out what kind of preventative maintenance and service plans they have available to keep your machine up and operational.

3. Do They Keep Parts in Stock?

All the preventative maintenance in the world is still not enough to overcome the chances that eventually parts will reach the end of their service life. It's important to know that your labeling equipment company continues to support the machine you purchased with readily available replacement parts and hardware. Down time can be a major expense if you are unable to get the parts you need when your machine goes down. 

4. Do They Have a Quality Control Process?

Most equipment manufacturers have a selection of both new and used labeling machines available for sale. In many cases, companies outgrow their original machines and trade them in for an upgrade. Whether you choose to buy new or used, make sure you look into your company's quality control processes and understand how these machines are inspected and tested for reliability before they ship to the customer. 

5. Will They be Available after the Sale?

It may seem like common sense, but partnering with a labeling equipment company that doesn't make themselves available to you can be a huge problem. Don't get pulled in by a friendly sales agent only to find out that the company won't return your calls after the sale is made. Any trustworthy company will make it a priority that your questions get answered in a timely manner, and that you are always able to reach someone who can help you, rather than wading through automated phone menus and leaving unanswered messages.

The perfect labeling equipment company is the one that is equally invested in your success with their machines as you are. Knowing that they back their products up with service and a quality guarantee can go a long ways toward ensuring that your machine is truly an asset to your production line. Plus, having a direct contact and someone to assist when any trouble arises will help reduce the down time when unexpected breakdowns happen.