Choosing an Efficient Top and Bottom Labeler


Using a labeler that can apply top and bottom labels at once means no need for multiple passes or a second label applicator.

When it comes to labeling your clamshell containers or other packaged products, there are a number of decisions to make about how labels will be applied. One of the most efficient options available is an integrated top and bottom labeler that applies multiple labels in a single movement.

By applying both labels at once, there is a reduced need for multiple passes of the product or multiple labeling machines.


Dual Label Heads

An efficient top and bottom labeling system combines two synchronized and pressure sensitive labeling heads. As product comes down the conveyor, both the top and bottom labels are applied in a single movement before the package is pushed on to be packed out for shipping. By utilizing a top and bottom reel to feed labels at exactly the same time, the machine ensures that both labels are placed perfectly across from one another.

Productivity Tracking

The right efficient top and bottom labeler will give you unprecedented control over the amount of product passing through your line. The most basic settings allow you to set a hard stop for the number of pieces that need to be labeled at one time. Other features include a counter that allows you to see how many products have been continuously run during a single day or shift. This will improve your ability to plan your production speed as you grow, since these machines are capable of handling up to 131'+ of labeling per minute, a speed that few production lines will ever need to exceed.


The latest in efficient top and bottom labeler technology is versatile, allowing you to move smoothly between different sizes of packaged goods with ease. The built in control board and microprocessor allows you to save preset labeling parameters so that even if the machine is shut down, you can easily recall your previous settings and be up and running in just a few minutes. One-touch control allows you to adjust your settings simply as you change labels, containers and products. Plus these machines are versatile enough to allow for either stand alone or in-line usage without any special changes.


The real goal of implementing any new technology such as an efficient top and bottom labeler is really to ensure that you have a consistent output each and every time. Other labeling machines that only do top or bottom labeling on their own require you to run products through in separate batches, or to purchase multiple labeling machines that are not working together. By having all of these functions together in one place it guarantees that the results will be consistent long term.


Of course, another issue that many companies face is limited warehouse space for their packaging process. An efficient top and bottom labeler takes up far less space than other labeling systems, and gets both the top and bottom label reels up and out of the way while the machine is running. This leaves more room for maneuvering and pack out operations in the end.

Top and bottom labelers can be designed with custom widths and labeling heads to meet the needs of your packaged goods. They provide a flexible solution to placing multiple labels on a single product at one time, so you won't have to worry about labels being uneven or poorly adhered. The intuitive touch screen control module allows you to adjust and maintain your machine with ease so you can worry about getting those products out the door and onto store shelves.

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