Can an Automatic Label Printer Add-on Simplify Your Pharmaceutical Line?


Pharmaceutical products must meet a stringent list of guidelines for proper labeling before they can go to market. Failure to meet these guidelines could lead to some serious setbacks for your brand and your company, not to mention legal ramifications. That's why many companies are looking for ways to streamline their labeling process without falling victim to misprinted labels that could cause trouble. We have just the solution.

Elements of a Great Label

Two of the most important elements of a successful pharmaceutical label are the batch number and the expiration date of the product. Some companies really struggle to get this information stamped on their products consistently. Missing date stamps could have serious consequences. Meanwhile, date stamps that are smeared or illegible are just as bad in the view of the FDA. You need to have a printer that will deliver crisp, clean stamps without missing a beat. Since consumers rely on batch numbers and expiration dates to use your products safely, it should be of utmost importance to you to get these right. Investing in a proper printer add-on can actually help your consumers build confidence in your brand because they can easily see the expiration without having to search or question what the stamp means. In fact, this can also be helpful for nutraceutical companies as well.

Why Go Modular?

There are a handful of large-scale printers on the market that offer built-in printers at an extravagant price. The problem is that these labeling machines set you up for an all-or-nothing kind of operation. This reduces flexibility and could leave you overpaying for equipment that isn't always an asset.

With a modular automatic label printer add-on, you get better control of how and when your printer is used. You can add a printer to your existing labeling equipment without having to purchase a whole new machine. You can move the printer to a different machine if you ever need to make a change. The best part is that even with the added flexibility of a modular add-on, you still get a better quality print than ever before. That's because these printers have been tested extensively to ensure that they are consistent and clear in their operation and do not skip over products as they flow through the line.

Pack Leader USA offers several different automatic label printer add-on options for your unique needs. This means that you can build upon the investments you've already made in the labeling department and carry on using equipment that you're already familiar with. We can help you find the right labeler for your containers and applications so you'll be sure that the end result will be worthy of an FDA inspection any day of the year.

Here at Pack Leader USA, we love talking about great labels. Just give us a call and speak to one of our labeling specialists today to find out which of our automatic label printer add-on machines is right for you. Get in touch

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