Clamshell Wrap Labeling for Your Fresh Food Containers


What is the greatest bottleneck in your operation? If labeling is the culprit, you're in luck. The modern clamshell labeler (C-Wrap) has made it possible to get a quick turnaround on large quantities of packaged foods with precision label placement. Imagine you have hundreds of freshly baked cookies coming off your line, being placed pristinely into containers. Pack Leader USA has a labeling machine designed specifically for getting your products sealed and out the door in no time.

Tray C-Wrap Labels

Many companies opt to use foil, styrofoam or cardboard trays to package their foods. This typically provides an element of rigidity to the packaging, while still allowing for the use of a cost-friendly bag or sleeve to seal the product in. A C-Wrap label on the leading edge of your trays is a great way to display your brand, even if the trays are stacked up on a shelf at the store.

Clamshell C-Wrap Labels

With clamshell c-wrap labels, you are often using the label in multiple functions at once. First and foremost, it displays your branding information prominently on the front of the product. Secondly, it provides a seal to keep your clamshell from popping open during transport. This keeps the product safe and reduces movement as well. Clamshell labelers are designed to tightly place labels across seams to prevent clamshells from opening or breaking while still providing a visually appealing front face.

Tub C-Wrap Labels

Foods that are commonly stored in tubs usually have some chance of leaking if not sealed properly. C-wrap labels are often used across the sides and top of the tub to ensure that the entire lid stays closed, even when it's not hinged like a clamshell. This added layer of security also provides a temper-evident seal that assures your customers that the products are fresh.


A clamshell labeler designed to place c-wrap labels can be used on all kinds of foods. They are equally effective at labeling cookies, cakes, breads, cinnamon rolls, and many other food products with ease. When you purchase the right labeling machine for your packaged foods, you guarantee that you can spend more time focusing on your recipes and less time on labeling. You also ensure that you can get more products out the door while they are still fresh, which will turn into bigger sales. While you save time on labeling, your customers are getting a better product that they can love!

Whatever foods you are famous for, don't give up on the idea of a clamshell labeler or a C-wrap label too soon. Our handy Guide to Packaged Food Labeling is just what you need to reconsider which machine will give you the best return on investment for your fresh foods.