Big or Small We Label Them All


One of the biggest concerns for manufacturers in any industry is the cost of purchasing packaging equipment. Product labeling machines can be quite costly, especially if you are offering each of your products in multiple sizes. You must either purchase a machine that can handle all of the various label sizes in your lineup, or you must invest in specialized equipment for each size of label in use, which may leave you with little flexibility in the future. Pack Leader USA has a few thoughts when it comes to strategizing your labeling equipment. 

Different Sizes of Labeling Machines

As you begin the search for a dependable labeling machine, you will need to keep in mind the maximum label size you intend to use, as well as the orientation of the labels you are placing. Some machines may be able to handle the label size you want, but can only place that label in one direction, making it impossible to wrap around your product the way you want.

Pack Leader USA offers labeling machines in three different scales: tabletop, standalone and professional. Within each of these categories, you will find labelers that are made specifically for wrap around labeling, top and bottom labeling and more.

In general, tabletop machines can handle labels up to the size of an average can or bottle, and they can be used to label smaller items like cosmetics, e-juices, etc. Of course, these machines are made to be used in smaller batches, and they are portable so they can be put up when they are not in use. While these machines are able to use large labels, there are some limitations on the size of containers that they can use.

Both the mid-size and Pro configured machines offer a much larger labeling space. While these machines are modular and can be dropped into just about any production line, they are made for longer-term installations. This gives them the ability to accept very large label reels without hindering their functionality.

Aside from all of these labeling solutions, there is also the option of using shrink sleeve labels as well. Shrink sleeves can be made for products in a wide range of sizes, and they perform especially well on tiny lipliner and eyeliner tubes, among other things. 

Getting the Specs

If you have already picked out your labels and you know how you want them applied to your products, it's time to check the specifications on the available labeling machines. For instance, the tabletop ELF-50 can handle labels up to 4.75" x 11.8", but can only take containers up to 6.3" wide because of the width of the conveyor system.

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On the other hand, the PRO series is able to use labels up to 7" x 12", and accepts product containers up to 7" wide. This provides a significant increase in flexibility for oversized and bulk sized products. 

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If you plan on going the shrink sleeve route, you'll find that the machines give you a range of product and label sizes. For instance, the SL-301 can handle containers with a height of up to 13", or can go as small as a 0.87" product. This huge range makes it possible to use one labeling system for multiple tasks throughout your manufacturing operation.

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Whether your labels are big or small, Pack Leader USA can do it all. Our labeling machines are built to take on products of any type and size. We have posted all of the important specifications for each machine online so you can read up on your options and find the right fit for you. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us today to schedule your free consultation.