Best Labeling Machine for Lip Balm Tubes: Great Application Every Time


There’s no denying that labeling a small lip balm tube by hand is an extremely tough process, especially if you are a quickly growing business. Hand labeling is time-consuming, let alone for small containers like lip balm tubes.

Hand labeling and inconsistent labeling machines could slow down production, especially as consumer demand for your products picks up.  Unfortunately, human application or poor labeling machines simply cannot be perfect every time. This can lead to costing companies more money in wasted products and materials due to misapplied labels. 

As a business owner, you have more important business operations to attend to than focusing on labeling your lip balm products.  However, you have most likely already experienced the difficulties that come with manual label application and are looking for a new solution. We want to inform you about the best labeling machines for lip balm tubes, so you can up your production speed and get more of your products into the hands of customers at an ultimately faster rate.

Step One: Understand the Importance of Labeling Equipment

Before we begin discussing the best labeling machines for lip balm tubes, you need to understand the process of adding a labeling machine to your production line. Step one includes understanding the importance of labeling equipment. Making the switch from hand labeling to a labeling equipment improves the efficiency, quality of your products, and is a better financial option overall.


A labeling machine can increase productivity in your business by 500%, adding an extra 150 labeled units of your product per hour. Additionally, a labeling machine is accurate and precise, leading to a great-looking label every time. Consumers look for high-quality products, meaning precisely placing your label on your lip balm products will help drive more sales.

Finally, while the initial investment may seem steep, your machine will ultimately pay itself off within a short period of time because you will be wasting fewer products and materials, and you can have your team and employees focused on important tasks that help drive your bottom line. 

Step Two: Assess Your Needs

Before you choose your lip balm labeling machine and your labeling partner, you’ll need to understand your production goals and setup:

  1. Think about the speed of production you are looking to achieve.
  2. Assess your production space and decide how much room you have to include a labeling machine.
  3. Lip balm tubes are small and have a unique shape, which means that you will have to find a machine that can accurately label this type of container.

After you have taken these steps, you’ll be ready to choose your machine.

Step Three: Choose Your Equipment

Choosing your labeling machine can be overwhelming, as there are so many options on the market. However, we want to help you save time and money on your search by outlining the best labeling machines for lip balm tubes.

For lip balm tubes, we recommend a wrap-around labeling machine. Wrap around labels are popular amongst cosmetic products and are a great option for lip balm tubes. These labels allow you to include your unique label design along with other necessary FDA requirements on your lip balm tubes. 


Our PL-521 Horizontal Wrap Around Labeler is a great option for lip balm tubes, as it was designed to label products that are small, round containers that may be unable to stand upright on their own. Additionally, the PL-521 uses a horizontal labeling layout which allows for tightly applied labels.

Distinctive design

The PL-521 has been specifically designed to accommodate horizontal labeling of slim, non-freestanding cylindrical containers such as pens, test tubes, syringes and lipsticks. An angled roller conveyor ensures accurate labeling by securing the product on its side as it moves through the label head.

Simple to use

The built-in instructions, memory preset and troubleshooting guide offered on the operator interface make it easy to use the PL-521. Hand wheels provide for simple adjustments, enable quick set-up and easy changeover.

Easy to maintain

In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the PL-521 is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and carefully treated to guard against the effects of harsher environments. This durability translates into a solid choice for labeling machine longevity.

Keep Your Line Moving

At Pack Leader USA, we’re proud of our commitment to quality. Our guarantee to you is that we will be there every step of the way. Our labeling machines are high-quality, making them extremely durable for all of your labeling needs. Additionally, we offer our technician services if anything were to happen to your machine. 

Having the best labeling partner at your side ultimately becomes more important than the physical machine you select. Choosing a labeling machine has never been easier with our consultation process. Fortunately, it is completely free of charge for anyone who signs up. We will walk you through everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the best machine for lip balm tubes to get the right application every time.

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