Best Label Applicator Machine to Improve Efficiency for Your Startup


When you are running a startup, time is of the essence. If you are spending too much time on one thing, you’re not able to get to something else that requires your attention. Time becomes a constant battle for you as an entrepreneur and it’s something you can’t ever seem to get enough of.

One way you can improve your startup’s efficiency is by utilizing a label applicator machine. You likely haven’t considered that labeling equipment could be the solution to your time problems, but it can be. When you implement a label applicator machine to your operations, you’re able to see more efficiency in your production line as a result; the two go hand in hand.

Want to learn more about this efficient solution you didn’t know your startup needed? Keep reading to take a deeper dive into all things related to label applicators.

What Exactly is a Label Applicator? 

Label applicators are exactly what the name suggests — a machine that applies labels to your products. These label rolls can either be pre-printed, or the applicator can directly print on the product packaging. When you choose to use a label applicator not only are you able to customize the packaging, but your productivity also increases, while lowering your overall operating cost. You’ll find that the return on investment is high, but you are now less dependent on manual labor, which is a win-win situation.

What are the Different Kinds of Label Applicators?

When it comes to label applicators, there are three different kinds.

  • Integrated, automatic label applicators place labels on products during the manufacturing process directly and are a part of the production assembly line.
  • Semi-automatic label applicators require an operator to function. This operator ensures the item is kept inside of the printing parameters and because of this reliance on an operator, the applicator is not able to be implemented into a production line.
  • Independent label applicators are from a third party which means you have the choice to either install them on your machinery or the conveyor belt so that they can be part of the production line if you want them to.

How Do You Choose the Best Label Applicator? 

As you think about which label applicator is best for your startup, you want to look at what will give you the best return on investment. You want to ensure that whatever machine you choose will operate at an appropriate application pace, while also lowering your existing labor cost. Beyond looking at what the return on investment will be, you’ll also want to look at what you will be using the machine for to help you decide.

Before splurging on a machine, ensure that the product surface, size of the label, label material, and label position all can be managed by the machine that you are looking into more. You also want to examine the application rate to see if this will keep up with your product’s demand, and the accuracy of the machine. One way to check on the machine’s accuracy is by looking at reviews for the machine to see if this concern has ever come up.

Making a business decision that could impact your productivity can feel like a heavy burden to take on, but it doesn’t need to feel that way. All it takes is some research and identification of your business’s goals to implement a machinery change that can save time, cut down costs, and increase production. That way you can spend your time elsewhere where it is needed the most.

One label applicator machine that meets all these criteria is the PL-521 horizontal wrap around labeling system brought to you by Pack Leader USA. This machine has been specifically designed to print on a wide range of products including pens, test tubes, lipsticks, and more.

Learn more about this cutting-edge label applicator machine and order one for your startup by visiting our Pack Leader USA website here