Best C-Wrap Machine for Labeling Organic Packaged Meals


Shoppers searching for quality organic meals are looking for specific details on food labels that indicate quality, sustainability, and nutrition. Unlike the busy, cartoonish labels of so many junk food products, organic meal labels must come across as clean and to the point as possible. That's why a C-Wrap label machine is an ideal choice for showing off your foods with just the right amount of information to entice the shopper.

Why Choose a C-Wrap Label Machine?

There are several reasons that a new labeling machine should be in your future. First and foremost, you want your packaged organic meals to make their way to supermarket shelves in less time. Organic food sells best when it looks and smells fresh. You don't want your organic foods languishing in a warehouse while they await a hand labeler. An automatic machine can help drastically reduce the shipment time of your products for higher customer satisfaction.

In addition, a c-wrap label machine is a perfect way to affix your label while also sealing your clamshell containers tightly. This ensures that they stayed closed during shipment, and prevents your meals from deteriorating in transit.

Which C-Wrap Label Machine Is Right For You?

Here at Pack Leader USA, we have three different c-wrap label machine options available. The PL-211D is our simplest c-wrap labeler that offers a top label as well. You can easily brand your containers with your logo on top, while providing helpful nutritional information along the length of the c-wrap. The upgraded PL-221D is designed for both top and bottom labeling with the c-wrap. This gives you additional space for nutritional information on the bottom panel, and provides a more secure anchor for your c-wrap label on either side of your container. Both of these machines are capable of running at top speeds of hundreds of containers per minute. They include a number of quality control features to ensure that labels are never missed, and each label perfectly adheres for a consistent appearance.

If you want something a little more advanced, the PRO-225 top and bottom labeler is the next step up in the line. This dual conveyor system applies top, bottom and side labels all at once. In a single pass, this in-line labeler will work with your existing packaging equipment. With touch panel setup, the PRO-225 is also perfect for changing between multiple organic meal options with little downtime.

Don't let your organic food get passed over due to unprofessional labeling. Simplify your labeling process and improve your food quality with a c-wrap labeler from Pack Leader USA. With top, bottom and side label options you can instantly seal your clamshell containers and provide a great visual for store shelves. Your food will stay fresher and your customers will be drawn to the perfectly placed logo on the top of each container. Contact us today for your free consultation to learn about all of our great labeling options.


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