Automatic Labeling Machine for Boxed & Packaged Food


Boxed foods continue to rise in popularity as a simple and effective means of delivering delicious meals in less time. If you want your boxed foods to stand out on store shelves, you need to be sure that they are labeled using the highest standards of quality and design. With an automatic labeling machine from Pack Leader USA, we can take the strain of creating the perfect label off of your shoulders and allow a trustworthy machine to handle all the details.

Type of Labels

For boxed foods, the most common types of labels used are simple front and back labels. These fit squarely on the face of your box while providing plenty of nutrition information on the back panel. This will make the most of your container's real estate and ensure that your customers can clearly see what they are getting with every boxed meal. With Pack Leader USA's innovative front and back labeling machines, you can quickly place two labels on each box in just seconds. You won't have to run each box through two separate machines or reload them into the machine to do a second pass on the other side. These labeling machines have two separate label heads in place with your separate label reels so the whole process is smooth and efficient. Alternatively, top and bottom labeling machines are also available for this purpose depending on the orientation of your boxes.

Printer Add-ons

Another important part of the labeling process that is specific to boxed foods is the need for expiration dates that are clearly legible to your customers. With one of our modular printer add-ons, you can have your laser printer mounted directly onto your labeling equipment. Each label that is placed will be instantly printed with a date stamp as it comes off the line. This is one more way that we are working to streamline your labeling and packaging process so that you don't need any additional equipment taking up valuable space in your warehouse.

Automatic In-Line Setups

While there are many different sizes of labeling machines available, we believe that an automatic labeler is the gold standard in labeling technology today. Our labeling machines are designed to fit in-line with your existing packaging setup so that each box will roll straight out of the packager and into the labeler without having to be physically handled. The fewer times you need to manually move the box, the less room there is for error and wasted time. Our labelers are designed to place hundreds of labels per minute, so they can keep up with your production equipment no matter how fast they're moving.

In addition, our labelers have built in quality control sensors so it can let you know if a label is missed or if there is a problem with one of your boxes. This reduces the amount of time that you have to spend on manual inspections and only calls your attention to known issues in the packaging line. By the time the product reaches the packing table at the end, it is neatly sealed and labeled, and ready to head straight out to a store shelf near you.

With all of these great labeling technologies, it's no wonder more and more food manufacturers are turning to boxed solutions to sell their products. Our labeling machines will make a great addition to any packaging system you have in place, and can even cut down on the amount of time you are spending from first production to final shipment.

To learn more about automatic labeling machines for boxed foods, we invite you to call Pack Leader USA today and speak to one of our labeling experts right away. We have tons of great options available just for you.

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