Automated Labeling Systems: Improving the Efficiency of Your Line


Automated labeling machines take advantage of several different technologies that work together to improve the overall efficiency of your bottling or canning line. The latest automated labeling systems are able to produce high quality digital images with consistent placement and quality at a rate many times faster than a semi-automatic or hand labeling machine.

In-Line Labeling Systems

The addition of an in-line automated labeling machine is a huge time and cost saver for any operation. Ideally, this system will integrate smoothly into your production line so that containers can be fed through the labeler without having to be transported to a separate location or having to be loaded in manually. This means that the whole line can run continuously with less physical labor involved in the process. These machines can increase productivity substantially by removing unnecessary transport and down time.

Rotary Labeling Systems

Rotary labeling machines are another of the automated labeling systems that are designed to take your operation to the next level. They go a step above in-line machines with faster processing speeds and higher capacity. This can provide another huge leap in productivity if the rest of your production line is able to keep up.

Consistent Quality

Another huge impact of automated labeling systems is that they provide a more consistent final product than hand labeling. Since the machines guide your containers through the process, the labels are more likely to end up in the same location on every single one, and to fully adhere. Whether you are using pressure sensitive or wet glue labels, automated labeling systems will ensure that the whole label is placed cleanly on the container without movement or damage.

Pack Out

Typically, the label is the last step in the process before it is time to package the containers and get them ready to ship out. All of these automated systems are designed to work well with a pack out table or accumulation conveyor that will provide you with more efficient packing operations. Where hand labeling or semi-automatic labeling machines require you to run containers in batches and then pack them all before you begin the next group, an automated system will feed the pack out table or accumulation conveyor as long as the line is running. This way you only need to be in one place and focus on one task at the very end, ensuring more products make it out the door faster.

The inclusion of automated labeling systems in your day to day operations will serve to reduce the amount of energy you are expending on labeling operations. You will be able to spend more time focused on your operation and less time worried about individually applying labels once the product is done, meaning that your whole production line can run several times faster. On the other end of the labeling machine it will be significantly easier to maintain a full time packing and shipping effort that results in higher output with less manual labor. You will save time and money, and have the opportunity to spend more time working on the product itself.