Are Your Tamper Evident Seals Good Enough?


Tamper evident seals have become a large part of the labeling industry in recent years. A number of scams and hazards have presented themselves for pharmaceutical and food companies which have led to the need for safer labeling solutions. Tamper evident seals make it easy to see when a product has been damaged or opened prior to purchase. Today, companies are looking for ways to integrate their tamper-evident seals into their regular labels to streamline the process.

Creating Better Tamper Evident Seals

During the earliest days of the tamper-evident seal movement, companies were using two different processes to get the job done. First, their container would get a wrap around label on the body, and then would have to go through a secondary process to place the tamper-evident seal. This made it possible for the two seals to come apart, and for some of the tamper-evident seals to inadvertently come loose during transport. This was cause for concern and necessitated a better way of placing tamper evident seals. Thus, integrated seal solutions were created.

Shrink Sleeve Upgrades

Shrink sleeves were already a popular means of transforming containers into great branding. Shrink sleeves allow the product label to cover the entire surface of the container, while also adhering to unusual shapes and forms in the container. By extending the shrink sleeve over the container opening and adding a simple perforation, companies have been able to turn their regular labels into an extension of their tamper-evident seals. The result is that the tamper evident seal is held on by the full body of the label, and doesn't come loose. It also ensures that the label will not be scratched or damaged easily.

Shrink sleeves also provide a better visual appeal than traditional two-part labeling options. Since the tamper evident seal is worked into the main body label it does not appear out of place, or to be floating over the original label. It works smoothly into the body of the container.

Choosing a Shrink Sleeve Machine

In order to make the best of this new labeling technology, you need to invest in a quality shrink sleeve machines. You can find shrink sleeve labelers capable of producing small batches of product or large scale production. This process will significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes to send your product through the labeler with only one pass. It will also greatly improve the finished quality of the products as they hit the packing table. Pack Leader USA offers several different size options to find you the perfect labeling machine to meet your needs.

Check Out Our Tabletop Wrap Around Labelers

With all of the beautiful labels on store shelves today, it's time you step up your game with integrated tamper evident seals and shrink sleeves. Your customers will appreciate the cleaner appearance and smoother labels that you get from a shrink sleeve machine. Plus, you can guarantee that your products are still safely sealed when they reach the store. Just give Pack Leader USA a call and we can help you find the ideal labeling machine for your products today.