All You Need To Know About C-Wrap Labelers


C-wrap labelers are a great way to label a wide variety of food products from pre-packaged soups to salads, cakes and more. A c-wrap labeler places a single label that wraps from the bottom to the top of your packaging in one long stretch, keeping the parts of your container together and ensuring that the food inside doesn't spill out. They can also be used on a variety of different container types with ease.

C-Wrap Labelers for Any Container

While the most common form of c-wrap labeling is clamshell labelers, there are other options available as well. Clamshells are used to hold everything from cookies to bread and salads. The C-wrap label is placed across from the hinged area to ensure the clamshell stays closed. However, c-wrap labelers may also be used to label trays of goodies by placing a label over the end of the sleeve that surrounds the tray. Thus, they work great, even if the packaging you are using is flexible instead of rigid. Finally, c-wrap labels can be used effectively on products that are packaged in plastic tubs. You may even use two c-wrap labels on opposite sides of the tub to keep the container sealed evenly around all sides. This is especially important for liquids that may find a way to seep through the opposite side if they are tipped during transport.

Foods That Commonly Use C-Wrap Labels

As mentioned above, we are familiar with the work of clamshell labelers when it comes to packaged salads and cookies. These machines make it possible to display your brand and label information on the front face of the clamshell even if there is not a flat surface readily on display. However, the same technique is widely used for all kinds of products including soups, candies, deli foods and more.


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Benefits of Using C-Wrap Labels

The biggest benefit of using c-wrap labels is the speed at which they can be placed. The clamshell labeler can easily wrap hundreds of packages per minute, meaning your fresh foods make it to the store shelf in less time.

Secondly, clamshell labelers uses gentle technology to place labels consistent and accurately without damaging the food inside. This is especially important if you are packaging cakes or bread which are likely to be damaged by the use of force when laying labels. Your clamshell labelers will ensure that the label adheres to the surface without collapsing the top of your packaging in the process, or allowing the corners to peel back up once they're off the line. It's about quality inside and out.

When you choose a c-wrap labeler from a trusted company, you are also getting a reliable partner in the labeling business. They can help you test a variety of packaging and labeling combinations to find one that gives you the finished result you are looking for. They will also guide you through any changes in labeling and product design that may affect the way your machines operate. Finally, they will provide support for maintenance and repairs so you can keep your labeler running more consistently and not have to worry about wasted product if the labeler goes down.

C-wrap labels are some of the most versatile labels in the food industry. They provide a great way to get your name on your product while also keeping products adequately sealed and safe. No matter what type of foods or containers you are using, c-labels can be adapted to fit your needs.