Shake it Up with a Spice Labeling Machine


For those in the spice industry, labeling spice jars presents a difficult challenge. Spices are generally packaged in much smaller quantities than other goods, which means smaller jars and labels. The smaller the labels are, the more difficult it is to place labels by hand. Any measure of consistency often comes at a great labor cost. Fortunately, technology is getting better, making it possible to label ever smaller bottles with increasing accuracy in a fraction of the time. It's easy to see how your spice company could benefit from the help of an automatic spice labeling machine.

Types of Spice Labeling Machines

You have several choices at your disposal when it comes to choosing your spice labeling machine. A simple wraparound labeler is perfect for handling small jars or bottles that are all consistent in size and shape. These machines can run hundreds of bottles per minute by spinning the labels around the sides of your bottles as they make their way down the line.

A front and back labeler is also a good choice. This allows you to use two separate labels to share ingredient information and branding information. These are often used when you use spice jars that have flat surfaces on the front and back.

Finally, a shrink sleeve labeler is a more advanced way to get the job done. The entire spice jar can be enveloped in a shrink sleeve which also allows for a tamper-evident seal. This can be used to keep your spices fresher and safe from spills.

Improving Results

Once you've chosen one of these machines to take over labeling duties in your spice warehouse you will see three major improvements:

  1. All of your spice bottles will be labeled consistently with minimal waste. No matter how small your spice jars are, the machine can dial in on the exact dimensions and ensure that each label and jar are fed through at exactly the same point to create a uniform product.

  2. The amount of time you save on labeling will be tremendous. You can either load spice bottles in batches, or let them run automatically off of your production line. Either way, it will take a fraction of the time and a fraction of the staff to handle the task, even with regular quality checks.

  3. You will gain the ability to expand your operations. If you are no longer wasting time fighting with individual labels, you will have more time to pursue new business. The spice labeling machine will keep up with your current demand while you turn your attention to something more important.

When you invest in a spice labeling machine you are choosing to take your business up a notch. Having an automatic machine in your line will get more product out the door, and create a higher quality brand image for your company. Speak with a Pack Leader label expert today to learn about your labeling options!

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