6 Reasons Why Choosing the Right Labeling Machine is Essential for Food Packaging


Investing in a quality labeling machine will help protect your product and your brand.

The impact of your food packaging label on purchasing decisions cannot be underestimated. According to a report by Label Insight, consumer loyalty to food brands based on name recognition alone has dwindled, creating an opportunity for new businesses and products.

This also means there’s more competition for shelf presence, so it’s vital that your food packaging looks as good as your food tastes — as the saying goes: “you eat with your eyes first.”

Consumer purchasing decisions are guided by many factors — from visual appeal to label clarity.

The study, Impact of Product Packaging on Consumers Buying Behavior, reveals that consumer trust in a product or brand declines steadily if the food packaging or label is damaged. Up to 55% of shoppers would not purchase a product that was noticeably damaged.

Your food packaging label content is an important consideration as well. Consumers want more product information in order to make informed purchase decisions. In fact, 94% of buyers prefer brands that are transparent about what’s in their food and how it’s made.

Select the right type of food packaging and labeling for your product.

There are many options available for food packaging, including clamshell containers, bags, cartons, trays, and jars. Selecting the right type of package (and corresponding labeling machine) depends on the food products you’re protecting and how you want them to be presented to customers.

The type of package you choose will influence how much money you spend on labels. Once you’ve chosen the best container for the item, you’ll need to pick an appropriate label to go with it. This decision will affect which type of labeling machine you purchase.

Here are a few popular labeling options.


Hot stamp labeling machines are known for their ability to work on nearly any material from simple film packaging and blister packs, to solid cartons.


Thermal transfer involves printing labels on ribbons of film which are rolled directly onto packaging such as foil and film bags or other materials that are easily run through a conveyor.


Print and cut labels are used with inline machines for cans, bottles, and rectangular cartons that are easy to feed and rotate through a labeling machine while glue is applied.


Clamshell container labels ensure secure closure throughout the distribution process, and that the food inside is tightly sealed for improved quality. 

Here’s why choosing the right labeling machine is so important.

Most labeling machines are designed for use as either stand-alone units or in-line components of an assembly line. This means they can be used manually or semi-automatically for small batch packaging, or they can be ramped up to full-speed production. So you’ll spend less money on new equipment if you do your research and choose the right labeling machine to improve your business from the outset.

Food brands need to choose the best food packaging and labels so that their food's protected, meets FDA requirements, and catches the eye of the consumer. Here are 6 reasons why choosing the right labeling machine is essential in accomplishing this. 

1. Speed & Productivity:

Typically, an operation can manually label less than 100 products per hour, with variable results. By upgrading to a semi or fully automatic labeling machine, which sends packaged foods through at a constant rate, you can increase productivity to as much as 500 items per hour.

2. Increased revenue & savings:

As you can see, the right labeling machine will pay for itself in a short amount of time as increased productivity and improved brand appearance boosts your sales. You’ll save money, too — fewer hours spent on labeling operations means reduced labor costs, and fewer defective products means less waste. The initial cost of your new labeling machine will pale in comparison to the actual value it provides to your food packaging operation as a whole.

3. Quality & consistency:

By investing in the newest labeling machine technology, you’ll increase quality and reduce errors. Placement will always be consistent. No more torn labels or corners pulling away from the container. Plus, as food packaging speeds increase, you’ll get products to customers faster for increased freshness. Topped with an attractive, informative label, your brand will become known for providing the utmost in quality on all fronts.

4. Flexibility, efficiency & practicality:

Today’s top labeling machines can be effortlessly adjusted for various food packaging needs, are scalable (able to incorporate other equipment and printers), offer customization, and can be used for in-line automatic or semi-automatic applications. Set up is efficient — often needing one simple push of a button, and height-adjustable conveyor belts keep everything within reach. Quality labeling machines are designed to be easily moved to other production areas as needed and are built to last.

5. Compliance:

The best labeling machines are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and meet strict ISO 9001 quality control procedures. This ensures your peace of mind when undergoing required quarterly inspections from food packaging compliance auditors.

6. Partnership:

The right labeling machine will go hand-in-hand with the right labeling partner. This manufacturer will walk you through the process of helping you choose the best fit for your unique food packaging needs, and will stand by you throughout the purchase, set up, training — and beyond. 

Protect your product investment by making a wise labeling machine investment.

Even the best food product is vulnerable to failure in the marketplace if it isn’t supported by packaging that adequately protects it, and a label that communicates quality at a glance.

Remember to look for a labeling machine that is: fast, reliable, easy-to-use, accurate, flexible, and guaranteed.

Choosing the right labeling machine for your food packaging line will have a huge impact on your productivity and revenue, so it’s a decision to weigh carefully. Investing in new equipment will increase your overall quality and consistency so you can be confident that consumers will be receiving a product that’s a great representation of your brand.

For more information, read more about the various labeling machine models available, or download our Fresh Foods Labeling Equipment Ebook.