6 Reasons a Tabletop Bottle Labeler Can Improve Business Efficiency

6 Reasons a Table Top Bottle Labeler Can Improve Your Business Efficiency

As a business owner, you know that efficiency is your key to success. It's important to have a smooth-running production line that can handle the demands of your customers while keeping costs low. However, suppose you’re a new or small business that manually applies labels to your bottled product. In that case, you may notice that your current label application process is damaging your production speed. 

If you’re ready to automate your production and switch to  bottle labeling machines but don’t have a large production space, you may be confused about what to do. 

Enter the Tabletop Bottle Labeler 

A tabletop bottle labeler is a compact, easy-to-use machine that can be placed on any flat surface. It's designed to label bottles and containers of various shapes and sizes. Its small size and portability make it a great option for small to smaller businesses that want to improve their production line without needing a large and expensive machine.

In addition to being compact, tabletop labelers offer many benefits that can improve your business efficiency. From reducing the risk of human error to increasing the efficiency of your production line, let’s explore exactly how a tabletop bottle labeler can be a valuable addition to your business!

Benefits of Using a Bottle Labeler

What exactly can adding a tabletop bottle labeler do for your business?


There’s no denying that hand-labeling each bottle slows down your production speed. This process can take as long as multiple hours just for one bottle. Not only is it a time-consuming method, but manually applying your labels is extremely intricate. The manual application requires extreme precision and accuracy, which puts a lot of pressure on your employees and ultimately slows your production rate. Investing in a tabletop labeler can eliminate all these problems and increase productivity by almost 500%, allowing up to 150 products per hour to be labeled.


If you’re a relatively new business, you may be weary about purchasing machinery because you’re not sure what the future has for your business. You may be thinking that if you invest in a labeling machine, adding additional machinery down the road may be difficult. However, this is not the case. One of the many great things about tabletop bottle labelers is that they are compatible with other machinery and can easily be added to any production line. Additionally, most tabletop labelers can be easily upgraded or re-programmed to comply with any product changes in your business. 

Perfectly Apply Labels Every Time

If you’re used to labeling your bottled products by hand, you’ve probably already noticed that it is nearly impossible to apply labels every time perfectly. When it comes to labeling bottles, this process becomes even more complicated due to their round shape. Unfortunately, human error is inevitable. When selling a product, you want to ensure that your labels are applied correctly with no errors. If your label application is anything less than perfect, it might not reflect well in your sales. Fortunately, bottle labelers eliminate this issue. These machines are extremely accurate and precise, so your labels will appear perfectly every time. Additionally, tabletop labeling machines eliminate the costs of wasted products that you may have encountered while hand labeling. 

Organization Made Easy

Applying labels to any product can be a complete mess if you do not have the right equipment. Label application involves many different materials, such as your choice of adhesive, labeling paper, and application tools. When you’re rushing to get your bottled product into customers' hands, your production site can quickly become disorganized and messy. Whether you accidentally spilled your adhesive or have label backings spread throughout your entire production space, being disorganized can be frazzling. Tabletop bottle labelers completely combat this. With these machines, you simply load in your labeling materials and you’re done! Say goodbye to having a disorganized production space!

Fits on any Table or Small Surface

Adding a larger labeling machine might not be top of mind if you don't have a large production space. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a compact labeling machine that can fit on any table or surface? Luckily, tabletop labelers do just that! These compact machines take up little space while easily transforming your production efficiency. For smaller businesses, these machines can be a great option.  

Cuts Down Wasted Product

A bottle labeler can cut down wasted products by automating the labeling process and reducing the possibility of human error. When a labeling machine is used, labels are applied consistently and accurately, reducing the chance of labels being applied incorrectly. This can lead to fewer products being rejected due to incorrect labeling, which lessens the number of wasted products. Misapplied labels can quickly add up in cost, which means that introducing a tabletop labeling machine to your production can ultimately save you money.

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The Bottom Line

Investing in a bottle labeler can improve efficiency, consistency, and accuracy, reduce wasted products, and ultimately improve the aesthetic of your bottled product. All of these factors make investing in a bottle labeler a smart move for any business looking to improve its operations and overall production. 

One of our most popular bottle labelers is the ELF-50 tabletop labeler. This machine is high-quality, durable, and exhibits every benefit mentioned above! 

Find the Best-fit Equipment for You

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